Shoot with Kelleth Cuthbert and Sarah Scotford

I was shooting Kelleth for a swimwear collection the other day – Sarah Scotford was also with us at the shoot. When we wrapped, we realized none of us had any plans that evening…. Sooooo, we went out, got some sushi, came back and shot some more.

This was just some of the end result.

I’ll be adding more pics as I get to them.

I was my second time working with Kelleth and I can honestly say I hope it won’t be my last. She has a very unique style and even better personality. She’s up there with one of the funniest women I have ever met… and her forehead smells.




Paul Buceta

To me, photography is all about that ‘captured moment’. I find this to be one of the most significant components of a spectacular image. I even prefer it at the expense of lighting and/or composition. That’s right, sometimes it’s just about knowing when to take the picture.

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