My trips are so much more than just an opportunity to shoot in a location, they are intended to provide a unique and emotionally memorable experience – A Paul Buceta experience if you will. If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve seen or heard about them.

They are as good as you imagine them to be.

I have been told on numerous occasions my shoots are so much more, that they’re an entire experience, and I couldn’t agree more. For those having worked with me before, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I have a big, over the top personality and work very hard to not only make you comfortable, and create amazing images together, I aim to make your experience something incredible. I constantly show you the images as we go to confirm just how great they are turning out. One of the most common things I hear at shoots is, “I can’t believe that’s really me!”

By the end of the shoot it’s a good bet we’ll become friends.

more info about the caribbean trips
more info about the las vegas trips


My very first pool party happened funny enough, at my house. I had invited a few close friends and took pics around the pool during the festivities. After sharing the images I was inundated with emails asking to be invited to my next pool party.


The following pool party in 2005 was in the Caribbean, and since then I’ve lost count of all the various parties and countries we’ve travelled to. I often invite other photographers to join us in making the experience all the greater. One party was featured in its’ entirety in an issue of SESSIONS Magazine. 

The next trip to the Caribbean will likely be the 1st week of Dec 2022 – Join us!
 Message me at if you want to get on the invite list.

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You can download this trip with images of every model that joined us here free.
Model Bunny Azzopardi – Photo Paul Buceta MUA Monica Kalra

Videos created at past parties.

My biggest party included a group of 85 people! It may have gone a bit overboard admittedly, so to make the parties more intimate, I now cap the amount of people that can attend.


Over the last 18 years I’ve also been shooting a lot in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Invitational

Las Vegas Invitational

There were so many reasons worth going to Las Vegas that it simply evolved into its’ own thing. While there, I found the shoots had a different feel to them, the models were more carefree and the Vegas lifestyle seemed to permeate the images. What’s more, the parties and adventures I was experiencing needed to be shared.  As a result, I began hosting group invitationals.  These invitationals are more than just a short shoot, we all spend the weekend together building friendships that last long past the trip. You’ve seen the way Vegas can be in movies, and I do my best to provide exactly that.

I also invite models I have already worked with as chemistry and appreciation play a big part. Group sizes vary from 5 to 20 and the weekends prove to be unforgettable with sky-diving / sky-jump, Mad Max themed shoots, VIP parties and of course images capturing both individual and candid moments. You can see more from a trip here.


 Everyone that attends this party agrees that it’s a life changing experience. In fact, my Vegas Invitationals often sell out in just 3 days!  This leaves me confident in saying 2022 will be an awesome time. Message me any time to be added to the invite list for the next one.

Want to be in awesome shoots like this? Let’s do it – upcoming locations;Vegas WBFF Aug 23Vancouver Aug 17Woodlands Sept 21.Killer video by Josue Gomez make up and hair by Monica KalraWith Dawn Armstrong Nichole LeAnne Nicole Tovey Krista Belle Tammy Lyn Gnz#findyourselfapaul

Posted by Paul Buceta on Friday, August 3, 2018

Some of the invitationals are for ANDIVERO Magazine’s Angels in Paradise Project with many of the images showcased in an issue.

While I’ve been at this for over 18 years my shoots are as exciting to me as day one. I work very hard to make sure my models feel like a superstar.  From individual shoots to full getaways, you can be certain you’ll leave on cloud nine along with kick-ass images.

Email me at to get on the list.

Here’s something else that makes me very different.