My Las Vegas Shoot / Birthday party will take place Wednesday April 25th to April 30th.

You’ve seen the pictures, the videos and probably even heard from a friend or two about how incredible these trips are.  The social media footprint for these trips is in the millions. To be clear, this is a trip that creates a large social media buzz and will help get you seen. A large part of the trip’s mandate is for everyone to help promote each other. With this help, you will get lots of eyes and be the envy of all your friends.

Don’t sit back waiting for just the right time, this is it. Email me at

You should be in these videos.

DATE:  April 25 to April 30, 2018
Cost for shooting AND skydiving is $1,700.00 USD. A $500.00 USD retainer is required to secure your spot. If this is your first time coming, you HAVE to skydive – No exceptions.

I will be confirming the hotel here as soon as possible.

All make up and hair will be provided by Monica Kalra for individual shoots.

For all attending, you end up with thousands of pictures from this trip. From the candids around the group shoots, to the parties and skydiving. 

In appreciation for those that have attended one of these parties and shot in the past, you get an awesome discount if you want a private shoot again. The individual shoot for you will only be $750.00 USD. (Only if you have attended a Vegas party with me in the past)

The group shoot is free.

One hour shoot includes 3 looks.
Make up and hair by Monica Kalra
Candid photos of the trip’s highlights
All your images on a disc / usb / your laptop at the end of your shoot.
Meet and greet party on the Wednesday afternoon.
Thursday individual/group shoots.
Thursday evening Vegas strip (GROUP SHOOT) followed by live concert stage pics. SAMPLES HERE
Friday – Skydiving am and Off-roading afternoon (GROUP SHOOT)
Saturday Pool Party  (Drinks not covered*)
Sunday Pool Party Chill day  (Drinks not covered*)
The entire weekend captured in epic party pics and cool videos.
Memories to last a lifetime, guaranteed!

*For legal reasons I can’t cover alcohol expenses. Attendees are responsible for all their accommodation, transportation and recreational expenses.

For those of you that have been part of my group trips in the past and have paid for shoots, you can attend without shooting – No cost. You’re simply responsible for your own expenses. Mind you, I will want an epic group shot with everyone. If you want your make up and hair done for that, I ask you cover the expenses and pay the make up artist(s) directly. The group shoot is free for everyone.

I’ve already started training my liver and feel it’s going to win Gold at the Vegas Olympics.


 I will be adding those confirmed with retainers here. Check back for updates.

Please let me know as soon as you book so that I can add you to the ROCKSTAR list. ALSO, please create if you don’t already have, a WhatsApp account as that is how we’ll communicate as a group.

This trip will be a big one for sure. I look forward to make this trip even more crazy than past ones – If that’s even possible!

This is the awkward part to bring up as there is no way to sugar-coat it and not look like an asshole. This is a big point as ANYONE who has been on a trip will agree, PLEASE don’t bring boyfriends/husbands. Trust me, they bring the party down.  This is also out of respect for those that didn’t bring theirs and don’t necessarily want to hang out with yours.
Also, Vegas can be difficult on relationships. Especially this one as we’re going to strike terror into the very heart of Vegas. I’ve seen it numerous times where you’re having the best time, fist pumping to music at the pool parties, taking cool selfies, posting how amazing a time you’re having but have it cut short by upset texts from your partner. Or worse, have to sit things out for fear of upsetting them. Social media (And just Vegas) can be a real strain. I don’t want to be responsible for problems in anyone’s relationship – If you don’t think yours is up for it, it’s probably best you sit this trip out.
This important – The only two rules for this trip is 1. If it’s your first time, you HAVE to skydive. 2. No boyfriends, friends, or family, NO EXCEPTIONS!

I even made this bold and red.