In celebration of the Barbie movie release, I’m offer a Barbie themed shoot. It will be two looks, one in the Barbie Box, (FUN) and while you’re in the box, I’ll also get some cool videos. The other look will be on an all pink background.

The Barbie Movie release is just around the corner and as the day approaches you risk three things by waiting; 1. All the shoot spots sell out 2. You get stuck with a shitty time 3. Herpes. Ok, so maybe not herpes but that would still suck right?

Everyone else will be so jealous you have cool Barbie pics for your social while they just share other people’s stuff – boooorrrrrrrring!

Which Barbie are you going to be? Princess Barbie, Fitness Barbie, Disco Barbie, the list is endless…

So what do you say girl? Are we doing this? 


Sunday July 16

2532 Wharton Glen Ave Unit 3, Mississauga.

Space is limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.

You can eTransfer to or CLICK HERE – When sending, please be sure to add your preferred time and contact email. I’ll reach out with a confirmation email and will add your name on here.

If you want more looks/longer time slot, reach out before sending your payment and we’ll see what we can do.

Makeup and Hair Times Below

8:30am Emily Panteleo
8:30am Ashley Johnston
9:30am Sally Leung
9:30am Leah Patrick
10:30am Jessica Hutchinson
10:30am Karrie Lowrie
11:30am Emily Benner
11:30am Lindsay Craig
12:00pm Tijana Daly

Shoot Times Below

10:00am Emily Pantaleo
10:20am Ashley Johnston
10:40am Sally Leung
11:00am Sade
11:20am Leah Patrick
11:40am Jessica Hutchinson
12:00pm Karrie Lowrie
12:20pm Emily Benner
12:40pm Lindsay Craig
1:00pm Tijana Daly

Please bring an external drive, laptop or USB if possible – It’s the easiest way to give you your pics after our shoot. 
My mobile is 416-617-7399

I get asked quite a bit if it’s customary to tip the make up artist and while it’s not mandatory, it certainly goes a long way. I’ve seen tips rage anywhere from $50 to $200. Again, this is not mandatory.

If you are having your makeup and hair done, please arrive to the shoot with clean, dry hair and no makeup. From the beginning of makeup till the end of your shoot you can expect to be there for about an hour and a half. Eyelashes will be provided however, if you have clip in extensions and choose to wear them for your shoot, please have them in when you arrive.

These shoots are closed private sets, we ask you refrain from bringing friends or family as a courtesy to other models and space becomes very limited if everyone brings people. 

This booking is for Barbie shots only. If other type images are needed please contact me PRIOR to the shoot.

You will receive all of your pictures before you leave. Your pictures are yours and you may use them as you please.*(For personal use only)

You get to leave with all your pics in hi-res at the end of your shoot.

This is the front of the studio. When you arrive, please park close to other cars to leave as much room for others.

And lastly, this is just a little info for those that don’t know.