94 Unedited Images with Bree Leigh

This is from a photoshoot I did with Bree Leigh at the studio on Oct 30, 2018 (Close to Halloween hence the costume).  I was going through the series selecting some favourites, and it occurred to me it would a shame to only show a few – she’s such a lovely model. Looking them over, I had the distinct feeling of present at the shoot – More so than just as photographer. I hope you get the same sense I did looking them over, let me know by commenting below.

94 Unedited Images – Bree Leigh

Shot at The Production Studio – Follow us on Instagram @breeleighig @paulbuceta

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Paul Buceta
To me, photography is all about that ‘captured moment’. I find this to be one of the most significant components of a spectacular image. I even prefer it at the expense of lighting and composition. That’s right, sometimes it’s just about knowing when to take the picture.

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