Here is a complete storyboard I had shot with Fitness Pro Julie Marsland.

I’ve decided to repost this gallery as I have taken much of my really old stuff down, and felt this shoot was too good to let slip away into oblivion.  I’ve resized the images from the original post as monitors have gotten considerably larger with a lot more resolution,

I remember thinking at the time of this shoot I would be hard pressed to match it… and I was justified in thinking that. While I have been content with the direction of my photography of late, I don’t know if I have shot anything quite like it.

Julie Marsland was and remains to this day, one of the most amazing models I have had the pleasure of working with. In fact, I attribute the success of this shoot to her diversity of poses and expressions. As a viewer, I feel as though I’m actually witnessing on a voyeuristic level, the seedy underbelly of an unscrupulous photographer at work.

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