I like people, all kinds of people. I don’t limit or restrict my liking of people to age, race, sex, or (as a photographer), the magazines a person shoots for.  There is good and interesting in everyone. I think we can all agree on that.


Lately there has been much talk of state of the fitness industry where sexuality is concerned. This worries me. Not so much because of what is being said but rather how it’s being said. It’s being said with the presence of anger, disapproval, jealousy and prejudice.

I believe we can be better than that.

I’m in an advantageous position in the fitness industry having worked with so many people and businesses. As a photographer to various magazines, supplement companies and Chief Photographer of STRONG Fitness Magazine my experience here is extensive.

On a personal level, I believe people should be allowed to believe what they want to believe. It’s ok, to disagree with what doesn’t fit within your own beliefs or likes. However, it worries me that people not only judge others negatively if their beliefs differ, but then are comfortable to publicly state so – I realize the hypocritical nature of that statement but stay with me, I’m going somewhere with it.

Agree with me or not, calling out others in any way only serves to cause a rift, a divide if you will, in the industry. While half the people will agree, the other half will not. This is not only unnecessary but also dangerous and not without injury. There are very real people, with very real feelings at the end of public judgements.  One should not be judged by what they wear, what supplement they represent, what magazine they model for or what federation they compete in.

On the magazine side of things, they serve many purposes. From scientific, to glamour, fitness etc. If there is a topic of interest, there is likely a magazine to service that interest. That being said, there are models needed for various degrees of products,  services, and advertisements.  I don’t judge models based on what magazines they aspire to shoot for or have appeared in. We need to keep in mind judgement is a two way street.   I chose to see this from a positive perspective and by doing so, appreciate their success.

Now consider this, our parents taught us to be polite, our churches taught us forgiveness and kindness, and combined we should also learn to accept we are not all the same. Lets not lose the values our parents, churches, schools and life in general have taught us. Ask yourself if passing judgement publicly is the action your church, parents, society is ok with? Leading by example for your children, is this really the lesson you want to teach?

Lets be cool to our beautiful, colourful, diverse and amazing fitness industry and instead of diminishing it and creating rifts, lets work together to build it up. I believe we can do this simply by being kind and accepting each other.  I’ve already started – click here.

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