Paul Buceta - Inhale September 25, 2007 – This Video has NO PURPOSE!!!
This is just bored stupidity at it’s finest.
Click here to see what not to do on vacation.
Don't Stop Believing October 7, 2006 – A Musical Journey in The Dominican
Here’s a painful clip to watch. This is what happens when you mix A LOT of alcohol, in another country, karaoke and video. Be sure to note the loudest singer of all was Lori who was holding the camera. CAUTION: I’m not kidding, this is really hard to watch!!!
Click hereto see what not to do on vacation.
Lori in Magazine August 24, 2006 – Lori Fabrizio – Make Up Artist / Supermodel
While we were in Panama shooting for a few magazines I convinced Lori to pose for a few shots. Now, you’d think most models would be thrilled at the prospect of appearing in a magazine. Well, I decided to surprise Lori by getting her published – A full page no less and this is the thanks I get.
Click here to see Lori cry like a baby.
Consider yourself warned August 20, 2006 – This Stuff is Crazy!!!
I was shooting all the contestants for the UMM Bikini Pageant when I decided to try a little experiment. Yeah, yeah, I know… Not the safest place in the world to try this.

Click here to see an experiment turn dangerous.
One on One in Panama July 11, 2006 – One on One Feature : Part 1
Here’s the first in a series of four videos made on location in Panama. These are feature videos usually showcasing models. This time however the camera was turned on me. I have to loose some weight – The camera added a couple hundred extra pounds!
Video compliments ::: Swim wear Sponsored by Mayra Collection
Click here to see some beautiful women and me in Panama – I love my life!!!
panama - behind the scenes July 11, 2006 – Panama – Behind the Scenes : Part 1
Here’s some of the funny behind the scenes stuff. It never fails to amaze me just how popular these videos are.
Video compliments ::: Swim wear Sponsored by Mayra Collection
Click here to see a Spunky Paul
CHIN BIKINI CONTEST July 2, 2006 – CHIN BIKINI Contest With Lori
I joined Lori while she was judging the CHIN Bikini Pageant (for men). Because I she was sooo nervous about being called out on stage I thought it would be a fun idea to videotape the event JUST IN CASE something funny happened – And did it ever.
Click here to see Lori in all her glory
Lori and Sarah Mather April 23, 2006 – A Magic Moment
I was shooting with American Idol finalist Sarah Mather the other day when we broke for lunch. Lori as always brought her ‘A’ game for lunch. Note the disapproving look from Sarah.
Click here to see Lori let Sarah have it.
April 9, 2006 – She’s Too Fat For Me
I went up north to get some good snow with Playboy Model Christina Cruise and make up artist Lori Fabrizio. I think it was on account of the drive being kind of long and the air perhaps being too fresh we started acting a little silly. Nothing out of the ordinary for me and I guess nothing out of the ordinary for Lori. I guess I kinda felt sorry for Christina who had to endure us and has the stains to show for it.
Click here to see us make complete fools out of ourselves.
Scott Thompson April 6, 2006 – I’m Too Fat For Kids In the Hall
So what are the odds I would meet Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall fame while in Panama? Because our plane ran into technical difficulties, we had to take a ‘common’ bus back to a hotel as opposed to the limos us stars are used to. Being celebrities we had quite a bit in common – Like cutting edge humour. Next to William Shatner, Scott really cut me to the quick.
Click hereto see Scott burn me publicly.
Paul Buceta - Annoying Coworker March 24, 2006 – Why You Don’t Want Me Working In Your Office
There’s always one person at your job that is an absolute pain in the ass – Isn’t there? We’ll after seeing this video of myself, I have come to the conclusion that I’M that pain in the ass! I have another 21 videos from this trip here
Click here to hear a special announcement.
Inside Edition February 11, 2006 – Here I Am On Inside Edition
Here I was thinking this shoot was going to be all cool and shit, meanwhile, Lori ended up stealing the show with all her high fashion modeling. Also, talk about good exposure for my actress friend Victoria – Not bad for 40 huh?!
Click here to see me on my way to stardom
Paul Burned Eyes January 3, 2006 – Rare Video of Me At a Professional Shoot
Here’s a clip of me at a professional shoot. Notice how there is very little professional about me. Special thanks to Lori for the shaky camera work
Click here to see me with my burned eyes at a professional shoot.
lori fabrizio December 15, 2005 – G.I. Fun With Lori Fabrizio – Trailer
Lori and I went out shopping for an upcoming shoot. While breaking for lunch I learned a little something about Lori I wasn’t expecting – What’s more, I think Lori wishes she could take back this part of her life.
Subscribers CLICK HERE to see the full length version.
Click here to see one of Lori’s not-so-proud moments.
armageddon hot December 11, 2005 – Armageddon Hot
The Naked Critic and I are back at it. This time Naked agrees to eat ten of the countries hottest wings. Apparently they rank 566 times hotter than tobasco sauce! The full version is a total 22 minutes however the condensed ‘net version is 11 minutes of some crazy shit.Subscribers (which is free to do) get to see the full 11 minutes in my new VIP section. If you’ve been waiting for a reason to subscribe for my updates and news – Now’s your chance. Get it while it’s still free.
Click here to see Naked hurt himself inside and out.
Freak On November 19, 2005 – Lori and I Get Our ‘Freak On’
I had a shoot with Lori today and decided to record just any old thing. Here are just a couple random clips for the sake of doing something with them.
Click here Lori and I get our freak on.
Bianca Beauchamp Video November 18, 2005 – Three Days With Bianca Beauchamp
Bianca Beauchamp agreeing to work with me is one thing, agreeing to be filmed candidly was more than I could bare. You would think that having such a famous model I would tone things down a bit, you know, act less stupid than usual. Nope, not Paul Buceta. Then again I did have a little help from Lori ‘Gotta Dance’ Fabrizio.
Click here to see me, Bianca and Lori embarrass ourselves.
Lori Fabrizio November 10, 2005 – Didn’t They Make A Movie About This?
Maybe it’s me but it seems Lori is making an awful lot of appearances lately. I was thinking about this and it occurred to me this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg! I mean ALL the stuff she says and does should be recorded – No one makes me laugh as much as her… except for me of course. Anyhow, she was telling me what happened to her the other day and I couldn’t believe the irony of it. So I asked her if she’d be so kind as to repeat it for you. See if you can figure out the irony – Here’s a hint; SHE’S A MAKE UP ARTIST!!!
Click here for Lori’s tale.
October 13, 2005 – La Torta
I did it again – I fooled my good friend and Toronto make up artist with my camera / video camera. Seriously, this stuff happens all around me to ALL my friends.
Click here to see Lori feed her ass!
September 12, 2005 – A Shitty Journey
I had to fix a bit of pluming at the cottage and decided to document any old thing along the way. It’s pretty stupid and rather long. But if you’re a bit bored I can help take a few minutes out of your misery. For everyone else – Paul Buceta will have stolen 15 minutes of your life!
Click here to waste 15 minutes of your life.
Just Add Alcohol September 8, 2005 – Just Add Alcohol
I had Linda and the naked critic over a little while back. Because I know how they can get I didn’t even put down the comfy cushions on my lawn chairs, and for good reason too. It all started with a little joke on Linda and it just went from there. Take note – All this happened before dark. Musical interlude brought to you by none other than naked.
Click here to see why you don’t want to have us over..
August 30 2005 – Lori Fabrizio Gets all ‘Trippy’
My good friend and amazing Toronto make-up artist Lori Fabrizio agreed to let me take a picture of her making funny faces. I didn’t realize I had the camera on the wrong setting – Oh well, all right of course I did.She actually slapped me for this as you’ll soon see.
Click here to see the hilarity that ensued.
August 24 2005 – Zdenka Micka and a Thousand Legs
The infamous Zdenka Micka of and came by and told me a really funny story I thought I’d share..
Click here to see the story first hand.
August 18 2005 – Liz Hubbard Can’t Drive
Liz Hubbard came by the other day and … well… I can’t make this stuff up, you’ll have to see for yourself.
Click here to see the fiasco.
June 18 2005 – Nadine Glenn in a Familiar Role
Nadine Glenn and Taylor James are good friends so it wasn’t really a surprise when I heard she had wanted to work with me. What did surprise me however was that she wanted to do a video – Not to be out-done by Tailor, she agreed to take care of the pizza..
I think it might have been the same delivery guy for both!

April 30, 2005 – I Was Working on My Swing
My friend Lindainvited me to the driving range. It had been about two years since I touched my clubs but who am I to turn down a invite from a *cough* lady.
Linda had bragged to me about how good she was and it was kinda funny seeing her get all mad at herself – “Sure you’re a good golfer”.

February 24, 2005 – The Trailer for SESSIONS is Finally Ready
It seems like it took forever to get this ready for the site.
Hopefully someone out there will pick up the TV show and make me famous!
Producer/Director: John Mokedanz
Zdenka February 17, 2005 – Zdenka Micka is not Funny
I’ve tried making videos with Zdenka before but somehow it just never seemed to work – Until now that is.
Zdenka, we love you but don’t quit your day job to become a comedian.
January 25, 2005 – Playboy Playmate Prank
My good friend Tailor James was over for a shoot the other day when hunger set it. We decided to order a pizza and at the last minute she agreed to pay the delivery guy. Seems pretty innocent right? Well check it out for yourself..
Paul Buceta and Tailor James; making dreams come true.

January 5, 2005 – A Sneak Peak at My Voice Mail
My good friend Tailor James has been sick with the flu lately. While unfortunate, it has provided me with some great voice mails to share with you.
Seriously, this had nothing to booze.
January 4, 2005 – A Great Commercial From Sony
I had saved this commercial a few years ago and it still stands up to most others out there. This is why I don’t date gorgeous babes.
Well…. Maybe not.
January 3, 2005 – Another Great Commercial
This happens to me all the time. Well, actually it never happens to me but if it did…. On second thought, it NEVER will happen to me. Then again, one can imagine.
December 31, 2004 – Ron Says, “NO!”
I was watching Anchorman tonight and I have to tell ya, it had the funniest scene ever. I know by this admission I’m forever placing myself in the “Fan of poop comedy” genre but I can’t help it – I cried out loud for almost 20 minutes. Why does Will Ferrell make me laugh so much?
December 28, 2004 – Linda Is A Big Cry Baby
I accompanied my friend Linda to her ‘tattooing’. She played it cool in the beginning but things turned once the ink began to run.
December 7, 2004 – Big Apple
Here’s a clip from the video we shot at the Toronto Film College. You can read the journal about it here.
November 11, 2004 – Call Me.
Here’s a video from a fan of Liz Hubbard, Sammy D. Liz and I met Sammy on the night we shot “The Coat” video. It seems she doesn’t want to return his calls so I convinced him to make a small video to try to get her attention. I am officially a content whore now.
November 2, 2004 – The Terminator
Liz came over and made a comment on my “girly” weights. I challenged her to, “Just try an lift ’em”.
When she didn’t like the scenario, she hit below the belt – Literally.
October 20, 2004 – Naked Sings
Naked and I went out for a couple of drinks. We chatted about how he should review the movie Purple Rain and as luck would have it, I just happened to bring my camera along.
October 5, 2004 – The Free Lunch
Liz called me today and uttered my two favorite words: “Free Lunch”. Since this was the first time she had offered I figured why not? Why not indeed.
October 1, 2004 – The BIG Audition
Liz Hubbard had an audition today and asked if I could take her as she had no clue where it was. I just knew it would be a good idea to bring my camera along!
September 25, 2004 – The Coat
We went out for a couple of drinks and about 5 complete strangers ended sitting at our table, and it sure wasn’t because of Liz’s fashion statement.
September 25, 2004 – Liz Doesn’t Like To Drive
Not only does she not like driving, she’s not very good at it. She got kinda lost on the way to my place. People – The roots are blonde… need I say more?
September 15, 2004 – 7 of 8 Commercial Series for Nestle
I play the sick dad (Gary). The make up made me look like real crap.
More coming soon…
September 15, 2004 – 3 of 8 Commercial Series for Nestle
I play the sick dad (Gary). The make up made me look like real crap.
More coming soon…
September 14, 2004 – 1 of 8 Commercial Series for Nestle.
I play the sick dad (Gary). The make up made me look like real crap.
More coming soon…
September 8, 2004 – Rush Hour Rant
Trying to be creative in rush hour traffic – It seemed like a good idea at the time…
August 4, 2004 – SESSIONS Video (Shannon Vol.18)
July 31, 2004 – SESSIONS Video (Slavka Vol. 16)
You can see more of Slavka in my photography section – SESSIONS Vol. 16.
You can expect to see more SESSIONS videos coming soon.
July 20, 2004 – Reenactment of My Latest Audition
You really need to read my journal entry about this first. Otherwise I might look stupid to you.
May 23, 2004 – Total Fashion 3rd Wish
I was invited to photograph and videotape a fantastic fashion show. A picture gallery will be coming soon to go with a full length video I plan on putting together soon.
May 15, 2004 – My First Commercial (Chukchansi Gold)
Here’s my long awaited 1st commercial. My subscribers have had access to this (and other things) for quite a while. Subscription is free and it has it’s privileges.
April 13, 2004 – The Naked Critic: Live and Unhinged
Naked and I thought it would be funny to document his pre-performance anxiety. Trust me, he thought it was a good idea before we started.
March 15, 2004 – SESSIONS TV
Here’s a preview of my current project. It’s a work in progress.
March 14, 2004 – Video Journal
Sundays bore me – Hey, lets see if making a video helps…
March 1, 2004 – Video Journal
I get a great call and dream about the Oscars.
Guitar Recital
Here is a video of a guitar recital I gave when I was 18. I had really big stupid hair.
I took a video camera out to see what people thought about Paul Buceta.
Hilarity ensued.
Paul Buceta vs William Shatner
Here is a video account of my traumatic confrontation with William Shatner.
The Sally Show
Here I am on The Sally Show – You’ll notice the ladies were diggin’ my scene.
Kapoopie Video
Here I am with a special ‘poopy’ friend. But don’t make him angry or…
The Cristina Show
Here’s a clip of my appearance on The Cristina Show – 50% Spani

Miscellaneous Videos

November 7, 2004 – Mortal Combat’s Newest Warrior
By the looks of this clip, this is an audition. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think he got the part.
September 14, 2004 – Every parent’s nightmare come true.Â


September 12, 2004 – Brilliant Little Commercial
Why can’t I land a commercial like this!?!
July 28, 2004 – I’m not laughing at him, I’m laughing with him
A good friend sent me this link and I just HAD to share it. I added a few translations for everyone. It’s good to know I’m putting my last 3 years of German school to do good.
June 5, 2004 – Another great commercial
I’d rather not describe it – You’ll just have to see it for yourself.
May 15, 2004 – A German Lexus Commercial… kinda
This is what you get when you shoot a Lexus commercial with Germans who drink too much caffeine.
May 8, 2004 – I found another live news blooper! This poor guy. He makes a joke, everyone laughs… until he does.(It’s pretty old and the quality is poor, but well worth it)
For those wondering – In his mouth.
May 8, 2004 – A Funny Commercial
I didn’t guess what this was about til the end – See if youcan.
April 16, 2004 – Clunker Trailer
My good friend Gus.T Wiliker of White Hot Trash fame sells some great baseball hats on To help with his sales I put together a small commercial for him – Enjoy
April 5, 2004 – Masuimi Max on Fear Factor I
I’m so proud of my friend Masuimi! Here she is on Fear Factor (One of my favorite shows).
April 5, 2004 – Masuimi Max On Fear Factor II
Here’s another clip of Masuimi
April 2, 2004 – Commercial
Can someone explain to me what’s wrong with this commercial?
I don’t get it.
Old School
This kinda thing happens to me all the time – I thought I should share it.
I just love live newscast bloopers – They’re the best

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