Shooting at The Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner, The Shannon Twins, and The Girls Next Door

I was invited to LA to shoot the Shannon twins at the Playboy Mansion.  Yup, a dream come true.

I guess I was due having shot the following 24 covers for them.

The Girls Next Door film crew would be recording the whole event which was something that surprisingly didn’t make me nervous. In fact I remember feeling good that Hugh Hefner was going to meet me – It was going to be a lucky day for him!


The shoot was a huge success, Hugh was very nice and the girls were an absolute riot – Actually, a riot isn’t a strong enough word.  They were a tsunami of partying.

The above picture was with some of the crew of The Girls Next Door.
models: Karissa Shannon, Mandy Blank, Kristina Shannon

Mandy Blank and the Shannon Twins

Mandy Blank and the Shannon Twins


Karissa, Val, Mandy, Paul, Kristina

For lunch we had ordered pizza to be delivered and as we were waiting at the gates of the mansion for the driver, a tour bus stopped and people came out to get their pics taken with the twins – It was a surreal moment.


The trip was short, but action packed and will leave memories that will last a lifetime.


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