I originally posted the following on Facebook a while ago, (January 23, 2013).  Because it got such a good response, I wanted to revisit it in hopes to help inspire myself and others to do the same.

I just went to (Mr.Sub) to pick up a sub for lunch and in front of me was a mom and young daughter. They had their subs prepared, ordered their drinks, and the mom even let the daughter grab a cookie for desert. It wasn’t until the cashier rang up the order that she realized she had forgotten her wallet. I remembered a time when the same thing happened to my mom and I, and recalled my embarrassment as we had to leave, so I immediately insisted on buying their lunch. She really didn’t want to accept but had no choice once her little girl yelled THANK YOU with a mouth full of cookie.

I don’t recall my lunch ever tasting this good.

And another experience here.

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