It was my friend / make up artist’s Lori’s birthday the other day. Not knowing what to get her I called a few friends for advice. For the record, my friends SUCK at recommendations! Serious, one mentioned a warm handshake.

Anyhow, it was during these conversations I just blurted out, “I should just get her a bag of cash”.
To this my friend laughed out loud, thinking it was an awesome idea. So I called back all my friends (mostly imaginary), told them my idea and got an overwhelming approval.

So a bag of cash is what I got her. To be more precise, 3 bags of cash.

Bags O Cash

Here’s the best part, Lori is very uncomfortable receiving presents.
In this video I wrote her a nice birthday letter and she awkwardly thanks me thinking,
“That’s it? That’s all this cheap bastard got me?”
That is, until she reads the PS. and notices the bags of cash.

Click here to see Lori’s Birthday video

I don’t know why her discomfort makes me laugh so much.

BTW – Notice how she didn’t even take her coat off?
She was outta my place like a bat otta Hell to go buy some new shoes

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