Many women out there follow Paul Buceta, and they watch photo after photo, story after story, and photoshoot trip after photoshoot trip pop up on his social media – yearning for the guts to go after it and do it, too! Hi Ladies! I know this because I used to be you! My name is Brittany Chapman, and I am here to share with you what my experience of working with Paul Buceta has been like in the hopes that it resonates with a woman out there who’s been sitting on the sidelines and is stuck. Who is watching the rest of us have fun while capturing beautiful moments in time with Paul, and is FINALLY ready to rip off the band-aid, push “check” out in her PayPal account before talking herself out of it AGAIN!

A small background story on me. Over a decade ago, I finally worked up the nerve to book a shoot with Paul. I had been a long-time admirer of his work, like many of you, and I was overcome with emotion when I booked the shoot. It felt like a big investment to me at the time. Although I had a wonderful time, and Paul, of course, snapped some really awesome photos of me, I really got in my head. After that shoot, I told myself that I didn’t have what it took to pursue my modeling career and decided to stop doing photoshoots altogether. Fast forward a decade later. I was a 39-year-old mom to a 10-month-old baby girl, and I saw that Paul was traveling to my city of Calgary and was looking for women to book. Now, for those of you who have become a mom, you know how it transforms you in the best possible way. For me, that came with more confidence, self-belief, and an attitude of I can do anything. And so I went to the booking link, hit check out, and have never looked back. What was supposed to be a fun bucket list thing for me and a way to celebrate my 1 year anniversary as a new mom became so much more when in a few short weeks after that shoot, I woke up to an email from Paul congratulating me for making the COVER of ANDIVERO Magazine.

I was beyond excited, moved to tears, and felt something awaken in me. I knew in that moment that my modelling career and dreams weren’t over, in fact they were just beginning. Flash forward 2.5 years, and I can walk into any major store in North America right now and see myself on the cover of STRONG Fitness Magazine’s Vol 6 Best Body Guide, which is a serious pinch-me moment. And the reason I share this story with you is that I want any woman out there who is telling herself that: she isn’t lean enough to shoot with Paul, or deserving, or that she’s too old, or too short, or whatever BS story or excuse you are coming up with to book the damn thing – to STOP! Lean into the possibility that booking a shoot with Paul Buceta could be as life-changing for you as it was for me – a 40-year-old mom to an infant. 

Finally, I want to share this: not only have I been given many incredible opportunities through my affiliation and now friendship, with Paul, but I have also made some of my closest friends and gained several amazing clients through working with him. So again, if you are a woman who is sitting on the sidelines, watching the action, with a BURNING desire to book the shoot, get glammed up, see yourself through his lens, and have your “HOLY SH*T! That’s me?!” moment – the only thing getting in your way is you! I encourage you to just go for it, I promise it will be one of the BEST gifts you ever give to yourself!

Brittany Chapman – Feb 2024

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