I have a bunch of awesome behind the scenes images from my last shoot with Bunny Azzopardi that I had wanted to share on social media outlets but fear they would violate their Terms of Use. NOTE: Italicized pun. That being the case I thought I’d share them on here instead.

Working with Bunny is always fun because we never know what we’re going to get. She shows up with a few outfits and I try to make something work with what we have. Every shoot starts the same too. We always say we doubt we’re going to top the last one – And then we do exactly that.

Thanks for making me look good Bunny.

Make up and hair by Monica Kalra.

You can see some of the other stuff we couldn’t share here.

Are YOU interested in shooting? Perhaps in the Caribbean? Of course you are. Lets do it, check it out here.

You can follow me on Instagram @paulbuceta and Bunny @bunnyazzopardi.

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