A while back I was asked to shoot something specifically to show at Nuit Blanche. I agreed not knowing what the subject matter was going to be.

It wasn’t until after I had committed, I found out the theme was going to be, “Ties that Bind”.

Secretly, I was thinking I was just going to print something I had shot in the past. It was the busy season for me and I didn’t have much time to set up an entire shoot specifically for this. However, with the introduction of the theme, I had no choice but to shoot something new. My biggest dilemma, was I had only one day available in the month to shoot it, and get it to the printer. And that was the day before I was scheduled to fly out of town for a week. This left me very little room for error.

Deciding to work fast, I called on Ashley Byford to help me out. I needed a model that was not only strong enough to show what I was after, but also extremely comfortable with her body and reliable. The timing of the shoot was pretty good also,  as our Playboy cover had just hit newsstands and she was in demand.

We agreed to begin shooting at noon. It wasn’t until the morning of, I realized just one model probably wasn’t going to be enough. So with two hours to go before Ashley arrived at the studio, I called my friend George to see if he’d be interested in helping me out.

George is the owner of KREATER Custom Motorcycles. He’s a ,”Tough as nails”, type of guy, and had the rugged look I was after.

Anyhow, I called George asking him if he would mind modeling alongside a nude Playboy cover model. Obviously he agreed.

The shoot was very intense to say the least. I recall one shot in particular, where I needed George to place his hand between Ashley’s legs. George and Ashley had not met prior to the shoot, so you can imagine the awkwardness of the moment.

Ashley being an absolute professional and comedian, answered with a, “Are your hands clean?”

God bless her.

Not only was this shoot an absolute success. I ended up showcasing 32 images at Nuit Blanch… and they all sold!

I like to extend my sincerest gratitude to both Ashley and George for their remarkable work. The exhibit’s entire success was a result of it.

I posted a really cool shot of Ashley from a trip to the Caribbean here.

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