We’ve already booked our flights and hotel and got some really great prices. Don’t wait too long as we have no way of knowing how many rooms are left and how prices might increase.

You’ve seen the pictures, the videos and probably even heard from a friend or two about how incredible these Caribbean adventures are.  The social media footprint for these trips is in the millions. To be clear, this is a trip that creates a large social media buzz and will help get you seen. A large part of the trip’s mandate is for everyone to help promote each other. With this help, you will get lots of eyes… and be the envy of all your friends.

This video makes it look like we had a nice time. Unfortunately, showing the actual time we had would violate Facebook’s terms of use. Now doesn’t that sound like the kick-ass trip you need in your life?So many friendships, drinks, memories and amazing pictures to remember it all. Over 44,000 to be exact!Don’t miss our next one or you’ll be sitting there like you are right now all poopy pants again. With Tara Kareta Haley Chakalos Tanya Geisinger Drea Mar Natalie Astren Trish Janik Bunny Azzopardi Alejandra Valdés Angie Sutulovic Willson Anna Fife Deirdre Slattery Sarah Kassimer Rebekah Winebrinner Sneed Make up and hair by Monica Kalra and awesome video by El Magnifico Josue Gomez #findyourselfapaul #paulbuceta #andiveromagazine

Posted by Paul Buceta on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Don’t sit back waiting for just the right time, this is it.

When you decide to join us, please don’t wait to book your tickets as waiting too long may result in the hotel selling out.

Video courtesy; Pouyan Fard, Studio Coalition, NDK Images, Samson Dolly, and Urban Visuals

It’s going to be great to be able to spend time with many of you from past travel parties,  and even more so to make new friends.

The Shoot Package $1500.00

Everyone gets individual shoots, group shoots, videos and candids – More specifically;
5 Individual looks, One of them will be a night ocean shoot – Crazy hot!
2 Themed group shoots minimum. We tend to get more.
5 Edits of your choice
Make up and hair included for all individual shoots.

You get ALL the images in high res with no watermarks to do with as you please before you head home. No other photographer offers this.

You leave with all your images from the trip as well as thousands of candids. The majority of people I work with never even ask for edits as the images simply don’t need it.

If  you’ve been to any of my prior adventures, you’ve seen how many images I take and how overwhelming simply going through all your images can be – This is a really great problem to have from a shoot, and even more so from a trip with friends.

Please keep in mind, the shoot package quoted here is only for images, participants are responsible for their lodging, transportation and misc expenses.

Wether you’ve been to a trip in the past or have been kicking yourself for missing out on them, make this the one you make it to.

As a courtesy to all the other models that are coming alone, I ask you do as well. We’ve had people ask to bring partners, and even parents and it ultimately comes down to the notion that no matter how, ” Cool or Chill” they are, no one else wants to party with them. Trust me when I say, it’s just an added stress.

The drinks, the food, the weather, the parties, the pictures, the videos, the tans and the memories and friendships that last a lifetime will make this the best decision of your life!

Message me now and lets get you all set up.


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