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Caribbean Shoot Dec 2 to 9



You’ve seen the pictures, the videos and probably even heard from a friend or two about how incredible these Caribbean adventures are.  The social media footprint for these trips is in the millions. To be clear, this is a trip that creates a large social media buzz and will help get you seen. A large part of the trip’s mandate is for everyone to help promote each other. With this help, you will get lots of eyes… and be the envy of all your friends.

Don’t sit back waiting for just the right time, this is it.

Also keep the following in mind, many of the hotels only have a few rooms left for this time-frame, we know this because we check in advance to make sure we aren’t throwing a Caribbean party in a hotel that only has 3 rooms left. No one would be able to make it! Having said that, many of the hotels are already sold out due to the recent storms as many people pushed their trips out to December giving the hotels time to recover.
So if you’re going to do this ACT FAST!!!

Video courtesy; Pouyan Fard, Studio Coalition, NDK Images, Samson Dolly, and Urban Visuals

It’s going to be great to be able to spend time with many of you from past travel parties,  and even more so to make new friends.

UPDATE – So far we have 11 people signed up in just one week. This will be pretty insane!

The Shoot Package

Everyone gets individual shoots, group shoots, videos and candids!
Make up and hair by Monica Kalra,
4 individual looks,
5 edits of your choice
All images in high res with no watermarks to do with as you please before you head home!

You leave with ALL your images from the trip as well as thousands in candids. The majority of models I work with never even ask for edits as the images simply don’t need it.

If  you’ve been to any of my prior adventures, you’ve seen how many images I take and how overwhelming simply going through all your images can be – The is a really great problem to have from a shoot and even more so from a trip with friends.

Wether you’ve been to a trip in the past or have been kicking yourself for missing out on them, make this the one you make it to.

The drinks, the food, the weather, the parties, the pictures, the videos, the tans and the memories and friendships that last a lifetime will make this the best decision of your life!

Message me now and lets get you all set up.


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