Hammer Time

Spoonful of Cinnamon 2

By |2010-12-29T13:26:51-05:00December 29th, 2010|Hammer Time, Videos|

So, Patrick comes in later in the day and as I was going to show him the video of Ashley and Jackie trying to eat cinnamon. Lori yells out that HE should try it first. So after very little coaxing he agrees and the result was just as awesome as Ashley and Jackie. Lori is cute, but real cruel.


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When Pat decided to paint his office he chose the color "shit brown" So here's a lil video of the girls repainting the office to make it pretty again!

Paybacks a B&*@h!

By |2010-12-29T12:23:24-05:00December 29th, 2010|Hammer Time, Videos|

So last year at Wonderland, Patrick got Lori to record a short little video but she forgot to hit the record button. Patrick had a running start and slapped my ass so hard I was in pain for hours. So here's his payback...

Viva Corona

By |2010-12-28T22:16:38-05:00June 7th, 2008|Hammer Time|

We drink a lot of Corona at the studio. We buy it partially because of the taste and partially because of the association to vacations. Looking at the picture below, I'm tempted to think we [...]