I’m going to share a story a good friend of mine told me a little while back. To be fair to everyone and to maintain a degree of respect and kindness, I won’t be sharing names.

My friend manages a really big bar. One evening after close she noticed when approaching her car, that it had been vandalized. To be specific, her rear side-view mirror had be smashed off.
Being late, she just picked up the peices and called it a night.
The next morning the investigation began. She pulled the bar’s security footage and it didn’t take long till she saw the two guys responsible being all cool and ‘gangsta’ vandalizing her car. From there, they simply walked to the bar. She switched cameras and low and behold, there they are at the entrance getting their ID’s checked and scanned. Knowing the exact time, she was able to pull the scanned ID’s and now had in her possession the ‘gangta’s’ names, addresses and birthdays (should she want to send birthday wishes).
Being more kind than most people I know and remarkably calm about the whole thing, she didn’t want to involve the police, she just wanted the damaged they caused fixed. She easily found them on Facebook and reached out to them both explaining everything and asking as politely as she could that they just make it right. Instead of ‘manning up’ they chose to ignore and then block her. (Their level of intelligence or pride must have really messed with them) They really didn’t think this through, I mean what did they think the alternative they were leaving her was?
Leaving her no other option she goes to the police station with all the evidence and files a report. In no time she receives a call from a police officer, apparently one of the guys is his son. He apologizes profusely and agrees to fix all the damage caused. Obviously my friend was more than happy to withdraw her report/statement (not sure how that works).
Everything is now fixed and I can’t help feel kind of badly for the two.
We were chuckling about this the other day on how ‘gangsta’ they must have thought they were only to end up humiliated and most likely grounded for something so ridiculously stupid. [FAIL]  
The real sad part is that boy now has to look his father in the eye knowing that his dad knows the kind of person he is. Oh I’m sure the kids will grow out of it and could very well turn out to be good people, but the ongoing shame and humiliation will far outweigh the ‘fun’ in their act.

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