I remember when I first met Claudie Auclair. She had made the way down from Montreal to try out for Playboy perhaps 4 years ago.  Her French accent was adorable and she was soooo cute too. I thought to myself, “This girl is going to get a cover”.

Much to my surprise, it wasn’t meant to be… At least not then.

I made sure I got her contact information before she left the casting as I knew that, even if Playboy turned her down, I had other clients that would absolutely adore her. And I was right.

I had her approved for a shoot with American Curves. That same day, I sent some pics over to Coquette Lingerie and they booked her on the spot. Two days later she was shooting for them.

I took her to The Dominican Republic for some location shooting and that too got published all over the place.

I loved her look sooo much, I flew her away to Roatan to shoot some more. Again, her images got picked up by tonnes of magazines, and advertisers. I’ll look to post some images here. That trip was also my first SESSIONS book. And who would you guess got the cover??? You guessed right.

Claudie Auclair SESSIONS

We would shoot for Curves again, for Coquette and even a cover for SUMMUM Magazine.

Claudie Auclair SUMMUM

Then, after about three years of working together she would get the nod from Playboy. “Finally!!!”, I thought to myself. (Yes, I thought it with exclamations).  We had shot her spread some time ago and sent in the pics. At the time, I was thrilled she was finally seeing her dream of being in Playboy come true.

What caught me by surprise the other day, was an email from Claudie thanking me for her spread in Playboy and that she really liked the cover.

WTF… Cover???

No-one told me she got a cover!

I couldn’t help smile when I saw it. She looks absolutely beautiful. I’m so thrilled to help be a part of her dreams coming true.

Congratulations Claudie… It was a long journey and you deserve it!

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