Firstly, congratulations on either your sponsorship, or any third party wanting to use our images – That’s great news!


So why did I direct you to this post? Because while I’m happy for the third party interest I was never paid to shoot the images for their use. If I had known it was going to be used to advertise a third party I would have charged considerably more. I don’t mind you using the images to promote YOUR business – That’s totally cool.

Jamie Eason Hydroxycut Max

Jamie Eason for Hydroxycut Max!

Rachel Davis for Six Star

Rachel Davis for Six Star


Above are a couple of ads where everyone was paid. It’s not a myth, payment is the norm not the exception.

That being said, I require $500 per image the third party wants to use.

Otherwise, look at it this way, they get the image without paying for the make up and hair, without paying my day rate, without paying for your time, without paying for my studio, without paying for edits, without paying for the years of your hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to get to where you are. Image in a normal world where companies would pay to get you shot, it would cost them considerably more than $500.00. What’s more, it’s satisfaction guaranteed for them – They know exactly what they are paying for. And believe me, companies are all too aware they should be for this.

Third party sponsorships are NOT about exposure for you, it’s about exposure for THEM and as such we should both be compensated. Being a sponsored athlete is more than just about exposure and free supplements.

Either way, I know I probably won’t be able to change your mind about this, so you are more than welcome to pay the $500.00 per image for them. If this is not of interest, there are plenty of amateur photographers willing to work for free out there.

I HIGHLY recommend you read this before making any decisions. I expand on this topic considerably more here.

Again, congratulations on your sponsorship!


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