I’m currently working towards making 2017 my last year for taking on most paid assignments.  This means after shooting professionally for over 13 years, availability for bookings will be greatly reduced. Every day in May is completely sold out, my June currently only has 2 days left. If shooting together is a bucket item list, it’s now or never.

There are very few photographers out there that will give you all the images unedited, in hi-res. Very few.

That being said, lets break down exactly what you’re paying for when you book with me.

Assuming we shoot for a full day at $2800.00. You’re pretty assured to receive well over 3000 images. However, for the sake of modest calculation, lets say you ONLY get 3000 images. That being the case, you’re paying a whopping 93 cents per image.

93 cents per image gets you a full day shoot with me, make up and hair included, my studio or location AND 10 edits of you choice – not MY choice, but YOUR choice.

Now, lets compare with any other photographer that gives you 10 images from your shoot with them edited and that’s all. If their rate is similar to mine, you’re paying $280.00 per image. Remember also, you’re getting THEIR 10 favourites, not yours. This is a common practice in the photography world. It also applies to things like weddings and events. It’s basically an industry standard I chose to break from, that’s all. My intent is not to diminish any other’s work or business practice. I’m simply making a comparison.

When you’re at your computer with all your images that same night after our shoot, you’ll be able to post anything that suits your fancy. No having to wait for your images. 90% of models I work with never even ask me for edits. I shoot the images to look exactly the way I want them so I don’t need to edit. The majority of my work you see on social media is not edited. It simply doesn’t need it.

The 10,000 Hour Rule by Malcolm Gladwell holds that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” are needed to become world-class in any field. I’ve certainly put in my time. Take advantage of it while you can.

All images below are unedited (With the exception of adding my watermark for trademark purposes).


Here’s something else to consider.

You’re probably wondering why stopping after only 13 years? Truth is I’m not stopping, I simply want to shoot more creative concepts as well as location shoots.

If you know people that might want to shoot, I kindly ask you share this.

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