“I had my first photo shoot experience with Paul Buceta in 2018 after winning the Strong Fitness Magazine Transformation Challenge. I had stalked Paul’s social media for some time and looked at the amazing photos of models he captured daily. I was a shy mom of two, a teacher, and new to fitness… NOT a model. I was so scared to shoot with Paul. I was worried I would embarrass myself and waste his time. I was wrong.”

“As soon as you meet Paul, he sets you at ease. He not only welcomes you like he’s known you for years but makes you believe you were meant for a photo shoot. He begins by having you lay out your wardrobe pieces, asking what you want to shoot in and the looks you’re going for during the shoot. He may look over your pieces and give you suggestions, but ultimately, he wants you to feel comfortable and excited about what you wear. You throw on your first outfit and the clicking begins. When he says, “You get thousands of photos,” he means it! He tells you where to stand or sit, gives you suggestions for movement, and clicks his camera, changing angles and lighting so that you leave with the most beautiful images possible.”

“The photoshoot experience Paul provides is not reserved only for professional models. It is designed for YOU. His one-of-a-kind photo shoot experience leaves you feeling incredible about who you are and the way you look. The “flaws” you see when you look in the mirror no longer exist, instead, your jaw drops in disbelief as you finally see how incredible you look in front of his lens. Paul’s knowledge and years of experience allow everyday people like you and me to feel and look like supermodels. You leave the shoot with an emotional high. You’ll want to scream from the rooftops about the experience and show off your photos at the same time.”

“A photoshoot with Paul is life-changing. I believe every single woman on the planet should shoot with him. If I could advertise and promote Paul full-time I would do it! That’s how much I believe in the experience. You won’t be disappointed.”
Dani Charlene – Feb 2024

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