I’ve been wanting to get into some really good shape for quite some time now.
I’ve been going to the gym and getting better but haven’t really had much direction, ambition or motivation to get into killer shape.

Until now.

I found out that the publisher of MuscleMag, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, REPS! and Clean Eating magazines is holding an in-house fitness contest.

Being a photographer for these magazines I was permitted to join the contest.

So today I went in, put on some pretty small shorts and went through a super embarrassing experience.
The Editor in Chief of Oxygen Magazine took my picture as I stood there in these little shorts pushing my stomach out for my before picture. The Fitness editor Pam Mazzuca took my FAT measurements.
It’s soo weird that I would be uncomfortable. That’s the first time I ever pushed out my stomach in front of women.

Anyhoo, I’m off to the gym first thing tomorrow with a new found ambition and direction.

I really hope I don’t come in last place!!!

I’ll post pics of my process as time permits

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