The other day my friend and fellow photographer Darko dropped by for a couple of drinks.

There’s actually a bit of an interesting history/story between us.

Darko and I have been going to the same schools since grade 7. In fact, my friend Niels had been in classes with him throughout this time. Because Darko’s a year older than me, we didn’t share any classes. What’s even more strange, is while we knew a lot of the same people, our paths never crossed.

It wasn’t till about 20 years after high school that I had even heard of him. It was at, of all places, my high school reunion I had first heard of him. A few people from my alumni knew I was a photographer and a few of them asked me if I knew Darko. “Darko who?” Well ,as it turns out, while I’m shooting for Playboy and various other magazines, he’s been shooting rock stars for Rolling Stone Magazine and various labels.

What are the odds –  Two photographers from the same high school in Mississauga shooting for major magazines???

It’s even funnier how we finally met.

I get a facebook message from a girlfriend (Nicole) I had back in Grade 10. We hung out like crazy and I really dug her. She was totally cool shit, which is probably why she didn’t stick around. lol Anyhooo, She Facebooked me saying hello, and how I should meet her boyfriend who is also a photographer… Enter Darko.

A few weeks after our correspondence, I was throwing a UFC party at the studio to which they both showed up. I liked him instantly. He’s kind of a Billy Joe Thorton / Steven Tyler guy. We chatted and he agreed to showcase some of his pieces at an upcoming overXXXposed show.

He almost had a whole room to himself at the show and we’ve become pretty close over time.

That’s the history part. Onto the present…

Like I was saying, the other day Darko dropped by for a couple of drinks.

We were also sharing some little chocolate balls. Greedy fucker tried to take some of mine!

After a few drinks, talks turned serious about photography…

And Darko’s love for Colonoscopies. LHFAO (Laugh HIS Fucking Ass Off)

And just as the times were getting good, we run our of the good stuff.

So at the end of the drinks, I sent him home to my ex.

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