I had the good fortune of working with Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View a while back.

I’ve shot some pretty cool celebrities over time but this one was a little different. This was the first one I had a sudo-crush on.

I’m not going to lie, I was a fan of Survivor and an even bigger fan of hers on that show. She carried herself with integrity and fortitude of character. How could I not like her?

That and check out those abs!!!


Anyhow, I was eager to work with her but admittedly a bit nervous as she was a pretty big deal on The View and whatnot.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Paul Buceta

Here I am showing off some of my saucy “A” game poses above.


Paul Buceta and Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Shooting for OXYGEN Magazine in New York.


Not only was she super gracious, she was genuinely warm and way more kind hearted than I could have expected. Way to keep it real Elisabeth!

I hope I get to work with her again one day.

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