A long time ago I had emailed Maggie Diubaldo to shoot some conceptual stuff. Her reply back then was rather cold and abrupt – So much so, that I decided not to shoot her. I remember thinking she was an asshole… lol.

A year or so passes and I get an email from her asking to shoot. Again, it was very professional and to the point – No happy go lucky personality. At this time I was under contract which restricted what I could do so ‘happily’ back then I declined… And if felt good.

A few months after declining, I get the call from Oxygen magazine that I’m to shoot Maggie. ARRRRRG!!!

So shoot day arrives and I bring my “All business” personality with me and wouldn’t you know it – Maggie is really nice. No, that’s not quite right – She’s fucking AWESOME!!!!

I was totally unprepared for what a warm, sincere, and charming woman she is. I fell in love with her instantly.

Since then we have shot more times than I can remember and will be shooting many more times.

I love this girl… errr, in a way that one loves a friend. I wouldn’t want people getting the wrong idea.

Here we are on our last shoot

Maggie Diubaldo ROCKS!!!

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