I just heard that Monica Kalra had her entire make-up kit stolen.

It’s how she makes a living. Replacing her kit will cost her more than just a couple thousand dollars AND she’s currently planning her wedding! The poor thing.

If you want to help, simply click on the PayPal button below and let me know in the message if you wish to remain anonymous or have your name and or amount listed below as a f&%king awesome person!


Monica has asked me to thank everyone and has stopped accepting donations. She has received enough to rebuild her kit and as such we have removed the PayPal button. 

A special thanks to the awesome people below for making this possible!

John F. Ing $1000.00 (Mind blowingly generous!)
Stacey Braemer $500.00 (You’re a rockstar – Plain and simple!)
Debbie Huq $400.00 (As awesome as I knew your were!)
Kool Bodies $400.00 (SHAZAM!!!)
Daniella McQueen $250.00
Paul Buceta $200.00
Simone Sinclaire $200.00
Absolute Touch Inc $200.00
Annonymous $150.00
Cindy Van Empel-Popowich $100.00
Sarah Kassimer $100.00
Michelle Bauer $100.00
Tanya Geisinger-McKie $100.00
Nichole Kerks $100.00
Peyton Priestly $100.00
Monica Winn $100.00
Nicky Bucci $100.00
James and Simmi Cutting $100.00
Bunny Azzopardi $100.00
Jennifer McErlean $75.00
Ambition Online by GRG Fitness $70.00
Aubrie DeSylva $50.00
Cecile Visser $50.00
Meaghan Roe $25.00
Annonymous $25.00
Courtney Macmillan $25.00
Bree Hunter Fitness $20.00


I Appreciate Your Comments Below