In 2012 George Tchor from KREATER came but the studio and told me “We’re going to build you a bike”. Of course I accepted excitedly but what I didn’t understand at the time was the ‘we’ part. You see, this meant I was going to have to do most of the work – Something I didn’t really have time for, at least not then.

Instead of building a bike from scratch, he advised I buy an old junker and we’ll build it up and customize it in the process. I went to bent bikes across the street and found a 1982 Honda CX500 that wasn’t running. I picked it up for $100.00.


I looked around at the type of bikes that I liked and decided to customize the bike in the style of a Cafe Racer.

I spent many long hours at KREATER  last winter sitting on a milk crate next to it tinkering and cursing like I’ve never cursed before. Of course, I could only do so much but with George and everyone else’s help, we got it finished in time to ride this summer.



My first motorcycle ride ever.

My first motorcycle ride ever.

Now all I had to do was get a motorcycle license.

Here is the final masterpiece… Well, at least it is to me. Click on image to see larger.

Honda CX 500

Because it took me a bit to get my license, I’ve had the bike sitting at the studio for a while now. It’s become both a prop and a fun ride!


Fast forward to December 2016 and I’ve decided to bring it back into the shop for a winter project. Since I’m not really riding it much as I have another bike now, I’ve decided to go all out an customize this bike completely. Everything on this bike will end up looking pristine. I want to make it a show piece.

So here are a couple of pics of it as I brought it in and started taking it apart – again.

I’ll be adding pics of the build as we go.

The video below is of me making some parts for my new forks.

Check back to see the progress….

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