I’ve seen so much complaining about so many things in the fitness industry that I would like to try to reverse the trend, if even only for a moment.

Model : Jenna Marie Wilcox

Model : Jenna Marie Wilcox

I think it’s time we do some good and call out those that rise above, those that help others, those that treat their peers with respect, those that are kind and generous and those that have made a significant impact. It can be individuals, companies, what/whomever. I believe we need to acknowledge those that make the fitness industry a better place.


Having said that, I’ll throw my hat into the ring and start – I would like to thank the following in no specific order:

Monica Kalra – Ok so yes, she works with me so her being on this list may seem a bit obvious however, the reason she works with me is because she is one of the kindest, selfless, and considerate people I know. If you ever meet someone that knows her they will tell you the exact same thing. There is a reason everyone loves her, and if you should find yourself lucky enough to meet her, you will too.

Annette Milbers – I’ve known her for so long now and if it wasn’t for her, I would likely never have become a fitness photographer. It was Annette that pushed for me with Robert Kennedy and ultimately responsible for my fitness career.  I simply can never thank her enough.

Bunny Azzopardi – She has been such a true friend. One hell of a cool girl with badass style and will be the first person to give you the shirt off her back. She’s an inspiration for so many – She’s a rock.

Cathy Savage – She has been a leader and icon since I’ve been in the industry. Her support and guidance has been paramount to many fitness competitors. Everywhere I go, someone is always talking about how wonderful she is. This in itself speaks volumes to the woman she is.

Natalie Astren – I don’t even know where to begin when describing Natalie. She is completely unaware of the happiness she brings to all around her and it might be exactly that reason she is so special. If you know her, let her know how much you appreciate it, I think she’d really appreciate it.

Tanya Geisinger – She is the most cool, laid back, friendly people I know. I’ve told her on numerous occasions that if she lived closer, we’d be best friends. I would steal all her free time, she’s that cool.

Marc Megna – Follow him on Facebook and you can see for yourself why. I had met Marc shooting for a supplement company. At first I thought he was being very nice because because he wanted to do well at the shoot. But over the years, he has proven to be a kind soul and a good man. (I don’t call many a good man)

Lori Harder – Any time I needed a favour, I knew I could count on her. I can see her star growing beyond fitness and right into the mainstream. If I win the lottery, I would produce a reality show around her. She’s THAT amazing.

Cindy Van Empel-Popowich – She has helped so many women over the years. She’s always willing to listen and has been a pillar of kindness and support to competitors in need. She’s remarkable to watch helping everyone backstage at shows.

Cristin Kiburz – I had originally met Cristin on Facebook over a year ago. She had some ideas she wanted to collaborate on. I get requests for collaboration quite a bit but they rarely pan out. Cristin not only held up her end of the bargain, she delivered so much more. In all of my dealings, I have seen nothing but an over abundance of her giving herself to others. I have yet to see her ask for anything in return. What is remarkable to me, whenever her name comes up, everyone says the same thing. I love generous people and I am looking forward to having an amazing long lasting friendship with Cristin. If only there were more people like her in the fitness industry.

Angelike Norrie – What a solid woman with solid integrity, passion and dedication.  She is so STRONG to me. I often brag to people that she’s my friend.

Fatima Leite Kusch – Founder of Team Blessed Bodies. This team is all about support. The praise I hear for her on a regular basis from so many people has been incredible. There is a reason for her following, and it’s deserved.

Jessica Rinaldi – She looks tough as nails but in fact one of the sweetest people I know. Her calm disposition and gentle demeanour sets people at ease almost immediately. She’s so cool, Im proud to call her friend.

Paul Gardner – I have never met the man, and I’m certain most of you have never heard of him but he is responsible for the early stage developments of the fitness industry.  Were it not for him, many of us would not be where we are today. You can read more about him and his company here.

These are just some of the people for now. I will be adding to the list as time permits. (I’m currently on a break on location at a shoot). I know there are so many more that deserve this recognition.

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