Ok, so I went out for lunch today with Jacqueline Megaw. At the studio we call her knuckles…  I actually wasn’t planning on explaining why but why not, I have the time.

A while back, we were shooting her for a magazine and her complexion being as fair as it is, posed a bit of a problem. You see, she’s a true porcelain beauty. Whiter than my ass… A comment I’m sure she’s going to love.
Anyhow, during the shoot, we noticed her knuckles where a bit red and they really stood out from the rest of her. The make up artist at the time (Giancarlo Intini) put some powder on her to blend everything.
From that day forward, Jackie has been known as knuckles.

Knuckles and Pimples

Can you guess which one is Jackie from the above pic? She’s the one keeping us from getting hit by cars at night.

So back to the story. Knuckles and I went to grab some lunch today. (We both ate like pigs… She ate the pickle).
We got on the topic of how making lists help us get through the day productively. She told me I should put on my list, “To write a journal entry”.

So here I am crossing off one of the items on my list and sharing with you the fact that where there was a nice big juicy pimple on Jackie’s chin this morning, there is nothing but a nice red spot now – I wonder what happened?

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