I got an email a while back from Rita Catolino expressing interest in shooting something sexy for overXXXposed.

To be honest I kinda chuckled at the request at first thinking, “Poor thing probably doesn’t realize what the overXXXposed show is all about”. Being such a nice girl, I really didn’t think she’d want to proceed once I explained the nature of the show.

To my happy surprise, she was cool with it.

Secretly, I love shooting Rita. She has such a quiet charm and sweet disposition coupled with tremendous sex appeal. She’s one of those rare models I prefer to shoot without make up as her natural beauty far outweighs anything else. If you ever get the chance to chat with her, you’ll see it goes beyond her appearance as well.


We talked about concepts and having lived in Spain for numerous years and fluent in Spanish, we agreed on the idea of The Matadora (The Killer)

To help pull this all together, I enlisted the help of Digital Artist Angry Jeff  (angryjeff.com). He came up with soooo many ideas it made my head spin, as well as the mastery of Lori Fabrizio for make up and hair.

The culmination of everyone’s efforts evolved into a wonderful series of five images, each four feet tall on stretched canvas. It’s absolutely incredible to see in person as it spans a width of over nine feet!

click on image to see larger

Modesty stars appear only on the online version.

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