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2016 Las Vegas Invitational – SOLD OUT

This post was password protected up until July 11, 2016. ( If you want to be considered for the next trip, CLICK HERE)

I f&%king love Las Vegas and want to go back – All the time, and I’m not alone. This is an invitational event only, so consider yourself lucky if you’re here, it’s pretty exclusive.

In appreciation for having booked with me and helping be part of some of the best memories I’ve had to date, I would like to invite you to come back to the next trip to Vegas – No charge, at least not from me.

For those of you that have been part of my group trips in the past and have paid for shoots, you can attend without shooting – No cost. You’re simply responsible for your own expenses. Mind you, I will want an epic group shot with everyone. If you want your make up and hair done for that, I ask you cover the expenses and pay the make up artists directly. The group shoot is free for everyone.

I’ve already started training my liver. It’s going to win Gold at the Vegas Olympics.

Getting ready for the party bus to go shoot on location.

Getting ready for the party bus to go shoot on location.


This video was created at one of the group shoots from this trip.

 The following ROCKSTARS that have already booked their tickets and are confirmed so far (in no particular order);

Please let me know as soon as you book so that I can add you to the ROCKSTAR list above. ALSO, please create if you don’t already have, a WhatsApp account as that is how we’ll communicate as a group.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for agreeing to join me on another Vegas adventure. The fact it sold out so quickly speaks volumes to the time we had on prior trips and I look forward to make this trip crazier – If that’s even possible.

DATE:  August 17 to 22, 2016.  SOLD OUT

  • one hour shoot which includes 3 looks.
  • make up and hair.
  • video will be taken of the parties and adventures.
  • all your images on a disc at the end of your shoot.
  • meet and greet party on the Wednesday afternoon.
  • Thursday/Friday individual/group shoots.
  • Friday – Your choice to join us in either skydiving and / or gun range (Cost not covered) Followed by shopping or pool
  • Saturday Pool Party Day-Bed $1000 Value (Drinks not covered*)
  • Sunday Pool Party Day-Bed $1000 Value (Drinks not covered*)
  • The entire weekend captured in epic party pics and cool videos.
  • Memories to last a lifetime, guaranteed!


Can you hear the pounding rhythm of music at the pool? Does it call to you? Does it seduce you? If so, you are part of the Vegas sisterhood.

The video below is from a Hotel Party Shoot. Keep in mind, we don’t need to shoot something like this. It was just something we thought would be fun to do.

 Some random shots from prior trips.

*For legal reasons I can’t cover alcohol expenses. Attendees are responsible for all their accommodation, transportation and recreational expenses.

Some of what we get to on our Vegas group trips.

Vegas Group Trips from Paul Buceta on Vimeo.

This is the awkward part to bring up as there is no way to sugar-coat it and not look like an asshole. This is a big point as ANYONE who has been on a trip will agree, NO FRIENDS, BOYFRIENDS or HUSBANDS. They only serve to bring the party down. If you can’t come without, it’s probably better you not come.

Also, Vegas can be difficult on relationships. Especially this one as we’re going to strike terror into the very heart of Vegas. I’ve seen it numerous times where you’re having the best time, fist pumping to music at the pool parties, taking cool selfies, posting how amazing a time you’re having but have it cut short by upset texts from your partner. Or worse, have to sit things out for fear of upsetting them. Social media (And just Vegas) can be a real strain. I don’t want to be responsible for problems in anyone’s relationship – If you don’t think yours is up for it, it’s probably best you sit this trip out.

Worth the read below. <GRIN>

waiver and release

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