I f&%king love Las Vegas and want to go back – All the time, and I know I’m not alone.  I’ve already started training my liver. It’s going to win Gold at the Vegas Olympics. This trip, I’m planning on having all new faces. I’ve often capped trips at certain numbers and a few have missed out. I want to make sure those that haven’t been able to join in the past have every opportunity to this time around.  The reason I always have so many familiar faces at this trip is because they know what it’s like and they are the first to jump aboard. To those that have joined in the past, don’t worry, I’ll have another one, seriously, no crying.

You’ve seen the pictures, the videos and probably even heard from a friend or two about how incredible and absolutely life-changing these Vegas trips can be.  The social media footprint for these trips is in the millions. To be clear, this is a trip that creates a large social media buzz and will help get you seen. A large part of the trip’s mandate is for everyone to help promote each other. With this help, you will get lots of eyes all while being the envy of all your friends.

Wow, look at me go all professional and shit.

The details;
When: August 23-27, 2023
Where : Once signed up I will let you know. I keep this secret to avoid creepos from knowing where we’ll be.
How : With my magic camera.
Why : Because you deserve to look and feel as beautiful as possible, AND so you can brag to you friends with the hottest assed pics in town.  They are going to be so so SO envious!
What : What’s the cost? The real question should be what’s the real cost of NOT shooting. Living the rest of your days wondering how amazing your pics would be? To get back to the original question however, the total for all the shoots is $2000 which includes makeup and hair for the individual shoot, Mad Max fees,  sky diving fees (***Whispers for effect*** – Since you get all the pics at the end of the shoot, it’s like you’re paying considerably less than a dollar per picture AND, this sentence is way too long to be in parenthesis).

If this is our first time working together, the answer to your question is yes, you’ll look as good as the pics of mine you’ve seen out there. Don’t let your friends shoot with me and be able to hold her stupid hot pics over your head, who does she think she is anyhow? She doesn’t know you, she doesn’t know what you’ve been through.

Email me at paulbuceta@gmail.com and lets do this.

Oh and if you can’t shoot, please refer a friend, just forget what I said about her holding it over your head.


I will be capping this trip at 10 so it’s on a first come first served basis.

The total package is $2000 which includes all individual, group and candid images. 
Individual shoot.
KILLER group shoots and candids of EVERYTHING on the trip.
Makeup and hair for individual looks. 
Sky diving and Mad Max.
You get all your images at the end of your shoot.

Wednesday Afternoon : Meet and greet pool party with lots of candid pics. All white bikini / swimsuit with Captain’s Hat (possible outfit change for 2 looks)
Thursday: Individual Shoots during the day followed by  group pics and shooting on the strip
Friday : Skydiving in the Morning AND Mad Max style group shoot in the afternoon.
Saturday: Much needed pool craziness
Sunday: Fly home

Be prepared for over 5000 images from this trip NOT INCLUDING your personal shoot – That’s how many candids are taken. Last trip I took just over 39,500 images!

The entire weekend captured in epic party pics with memories to last a lifetime, guaranteed!

1.You have to Sky Dive
2. You HAVE to come alone. 
No exceptions.

Want to be in awesome shoots like this? Let’s do it – upcoming locations;Vegas WBFF Aug 23Vancouver Aug 17Woodlands Sept 21.Killer video by Josue Gomez make up and hair by Monica KalraWith Dawn Armstrong Nichole LeAnne Nicole Tovey Krista Belle Tammy Lyn Gnz#findyourselfapaul

Posted by Paul Buceta on Friday, August 3, 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for agreeing to join me on another Vegas adventure. The fact these sell out so quickly speaks volumes to the time we’ve had on prior trips and I look forward to make this year crazier – If that’s even possible.



Can you hear the pounding rhythm of music at the pool? Does it call to you? Does it seduce you? If so, you are part of the Vegas sisterhood.

 Some random shots.

*For legal reasons I can’t cover alcohol expenses. Attendees are responsible for all their recreational expenses.

This is the awkward part to bring up as there is no way to sugar-coat it and not look like an asshole. This is a big point as ANYONE who has been on a trip will agree, NO FRIENDS, BOYFRIENDS or HUSBANDS. They only serve to bring the party down. If you can’t come without, it’s probably better you not come.

Also, Vegas can be difficult on relationships. We’re going to strike terror into the very heart of Vegas. I’ve seen it numerous times where you’re having the best time, fist pumping to music at the pool parties, taking cool selfies, posting how amazing a time you’re having but have it cut short by upset texts from your partner. Or worse, have to sit things out for fear of upsetting them. Social media (And just Vegas) can be a real strain. I don’t want to be responsible for problems in anyone’s relationship – If you don’t think yours is up for it, it’s probably best you sit this trip out.

This important – The only two rules for this trip is 1. If it’s your first time, you HAVE to skydive or do the surprise adventure, whichever we do. 2. No boyfriends, friends, or family, NO EXCEPTIONS! Please don’t ask for an exception and put me in an awkward position.


I even made this bold and red.

Worth the read below.

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