One of the saddest things for me during the Olympia, is that so many people I know go to so many different pool parties on the Sunday. It’s sad because I wish we would all just agree on one place. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Imagine partying with all your fitness friends and icons.

Since no one else is rallying for this, I’ll be the first to throw my hat into the ring.

So here goes…

The Party will be Sunday September 30th 2012 at Encore Beach Club.

Please be advised you’ll want to arrive early as there will, no doubt, be huge line ups.

 I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get anyone any discounts or any VIP access (You’ll need to do that on your own).

You  have worked super hard to get your body into the best shape you can – What better place to put on a bikini and/or bathing suit to show it off?

You’ve earned this!

Many people fly out on the Sunday because there’s been no reason to stay. Now there is. If you’re flying out Sunday, change your flight to the red-eye or stay the extra day. You won’t regret it. These parties are what will stay with you loooong after you return. I know this because some of my best memories are from the Sunday pool parties. (I’m smiling as I type this).


Things you should know.

Swimwear MUST be worn.

You need ID

Bring the bare minimum with you. Pool security goes through everything. They are more stringent than airport security.


If you’ll be joining us for the party email me at and I’ll add your name and picture (Yes, please send that too) to the list.

Lets do this!

I’ve received confirmations from nearly a dozen magazine people who will be attending. Great networking opportunity – Just sayin’.

It’s going to be so awesome enjoying the sun, drinks, music and pool with the amazing people below…and a few hundred more; Seriously, as of right now, this post has already been shared by over 500 people on Facebook alone!!! It’s going to be a remarkable and memorable time.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that sent in their pics. It’s means a lot to me.

Share the page on Facebook and Tweet it. If everyone knows about the party, it’ll just be THAT much better!

I Appreciate Your Comments Below