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Out latest issue SESSIONS Vol. 6 has been released.

One of the features I’m quite proud of, (that other magazines don’t really offer) is the opportunity for models to submit self-portraits. In todays society where everyone has either a digital camera or simply the camera on their mobile devices, images are being captured in numbers history could never predict. With that being the case, we find ourselves in the amazing position to accept some pretty incredible images that would otherwise not have received the recognition they deserve. I’m personally hopeful to see this trend increase and encourage all of you that may have taken, or are considering taking cool, sexy, or artistic shots of yourselves to submit them.

This issue has a wonderful self-portrait series taken by Sarah Scotford. She was inspired by some of the images she had seen other models take and opted to try her hand at it. The end result is a sexy, voyeuristic approach that leaves the viewer wanting more of her brazen sexuality. You can see some of it here.

Here are a list of just some of the features in this issue;

“Where the Sidewalks End’ photos Angela Marklew. A true expression of beautifully captured black and whites.

“Fallen Bird” photos Joanna Karlsson. An experiment in colour and black and white with duplicate impressions.

“Nagel Vision” photography by Mike Nguyen. Inspired by the popular 80′s pop culture art of Patrick Nagel, Nguyen aptly takes us on a journey back to the 80′s with a very current style.

“Ode to the Stocking” article Billy Archos. Archos, tells a beautifully painful, yet romantic Ode to love… and stockings.

“Once Upon A Time” photography by Iness Rychuk. Imagine the Black Forest with deer, wind-up ballerinas, peacocks, and witchcraft, and you’re only scratching the surface of the visual delights Rychuk delivers.

“Misfits” photography by Mike Nguyen. Bikes, fashion, and the American way as glorified in the 1969 cult classic Easy Rider. Nguyen once again delivers with some wonderfully captured moments.

“Self Portraits” photos and model – Sarah Scotford. Sarah puts on a show of sex appeal with a voyeuristic appeal.

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