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I like getting covers. I mean, who wouldn’t right?

I’ve had over 160 covers for various magazines including some pretty notable ones from Playboy’s Farewell Cover to a New York Times Bestseller. So needless to say not much can top it. That being said, shooting a cover with a bunch of close friends… Well, that’s pretty close.

I’ve gotten close to Rachel Davis, Angelike Norrie, Midori Rutledge and Heather Robertson over the years. So it was a beautiful surprise to be asked to shoot them together for a cover, and even a bigger one to find out they got it!

Angelike Psoinos - Rachel Davis - Midori Rutledge and heather Robertson

Angelike Norrie, Rachel Davis, Midori Rutledge and Heather Robertson on the Cover of Oxygen.


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Paul Buceta Oxygen

Paul Buceta Oxygen 2

Make up and hair by Two Chicks and Some Lipstick.

Some serious business below.

Rachel Davis - Midori Rutledge - Angelike Norrie - Heather Robertson

Angelike Norrie - Midori Rutledge - Paul Buceta - Rachel Davis - Heather Robertson

You can see a bit of back history with Rachel and I (and her quest for this cover) here.

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