I had first met Rachel on Facebook of all places. I got a message from her saying she was interested in getting into fitness modeling etc, etc… I get dozens of messages per day and the reality is there is A LOT of talent out there worth of shooting, more than there are days in the year. So what made Rachel stand out above all the others? I almost always, at the very least, look at an enquiring model’s profile before replying. I was instantly curious when from her profile pic to all the others, was nothing more than pics of her being silly with friends. You see, I’m used to looking at model profiles and seeing mostly pics of their hotness or amazing physiques. Rachel was funny, quirky and downright adorable. I found myself smiling as I was skimming through her pics.

I replied to her email letting her know she got me during my busy time, which is almost always these days. I told her I would be at The Arnold Classic, to come and find me and I would introduce her to Oxygen. She did, and I did but Oxygen’s response was, “She’s too young looking”. I think it had a little to do with the fact they had already seen about 500 other fitness models that day.

They didn’t originally see in Rachel what I saw.

I’ve never been one to just accept fate,  I told Rachel to come into the studio for a test shoot. She had never had professional pics taken, and Oxygen HAD to see what I was seeing – I just KNEW I was right. I purposely had her come in on a day I was shooting for Oxygen, one hour before we were to finish, to re-introduce her. Seeing her at the studio, they seemed a lot more interested.

The images we took that day were better than I had anticipated, Oxygen agreed and booked her right away for her first training shoot.

As I understand it, the response from Oxygen’s readers was overwhelmingly favorable and since then, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve shot her for them.

Being such an awesome fitness model, I’ve introduced her to a few of my clients. She landed the Six Star campaign and just recently the Premier Fitness campaign as well.

You’ll be seeing her all over Premier Fitness gyms and their advertising any time now.

With all the shoots we had done for all the various clients, we never actually shot anything directly for her portfolio. Being the astute professional, she booked me for a day and insisted on paying on the grounds it was the least she could for everything I had done for her. I love her integrity.

Here are some pics from that specific shoot.


And here’s a link to another separate shoot.


I expect some pretty incredible things from this girl in the future. I’m certain you’ll be seeing a lot more of her down the road.

More FUNNY Rachel Davis pics here.

Here’s an update to her Oxygen Cover quest. She got it – I’m all smiles as I type this.

Angelike Psoinos - Rachel Davis - Midori Rutledge and heather Robertson

Angelike Psoinos, Rachel Davis, Midori Rutledge, and Heather Robertson on the cover of Oxygen Magazine.

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