I started a post a little while ago of pics from my iPhone. After one hundred pics chronicling my day to day activities, I’ve decided to start a new one. You can see that other page here.


From a recent shoot with Bella Falconi pimping out the overXXXposed tees. 

Bella Falconi

Bella Falconi


Fun behind the scenes pics from my latest shoot with Lyzabeth Lopez – She’s sooo much fun.

As for me, I look like such a dandy boy!

Dandy boy Buceta.

Photos courtesy PatNess.


Shooting Emmanuelle Morin today for Allure Lingerie.

You can see behind the scenes pics from this shoot here.


Working with Artist and Model Saira De Goede and a 1964 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors.



Amazing shoot with Oxygen Cover Model – Lori Harder. We had spent the day shooting for Oxygen, and later that evening we spent it shooting for us. She’s so strong and diverse in front of the camera, our ‘A’ list shot count was in the 90 percentile – A rarity to be sure.

Spontaneous shots just outside the studio at dusk – We shot here for about 2 minutes.

She is such a wonderful human being. I feel remarkably fortunate to call her friend.


I’m currently shooting out in Calgary and am having an amazing time. These women are crazy beautiful – What’s in the water out here?


I had spent Easter with Robert Kennedy and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was truly a surreal experience!


Shooting with Lindsay Messina for Oxygen Magazine

I love working with Lindsay, especially when she drops her ‘New York’ on us.

And below from the last of three days of shooting, here is some of the wardrobe for the shoot. Seriously, this is not all of it.


Shooting some pretty amazing models at the Arnold.

Here’s a behind the scenes pic with Holly Bricken.

And a few more…

Ill post some more of some of the other girls I’ll be shooting soon.



My Las Vegas Pool Party 2012 is around the corner.

Maryse Ouellet, Rosa Mendez and PatNess as the beaver.

Pic taken from a party at Wet Republic.

Want to join us at one of these parties? CLICK HERE


I currently have an intern from the Humber College Fashion program. Her name is Katey Kristabelle and she’s helping out with shoots but mostly with putting together SESSIONS Magazine.

She adds an even better vibe to the place.


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