I always dreamed about putting together a book. I actually remember looking into the costs when I was first starting out and thinking I will NEVER be able to self publish!

I was sitting back with a friend a little while back showing her the pics of my latest trip at the time. She was insistent I needed to do SOMETHING bigger than just posting the pics on facebook or something of the like. I guess it was with very little pumping of my ego that I finally caved in and decided I finally had the content I needed for a book.

So now came the hard part. I still couldn’t afford to self-publish and I don’t know any publishers to take my idea to so I had to get a couple of loans, (during a recession) from friends and family. This was really hard for me as I NEVER like to ask for things – Especially money!

So with money in hand I sat down with fellow photographer and friend Jacqueline Megaw and discussed what kind of book we were going to put together. I say ‘we’ because I have no idea about book or magazine design and well, Jacqueline does – Another favour.

Knee deep in debt and favours, I finally have my book!

The book is about my week in Roatan (an island off Honduras). I went with Elle Patille, Claudie Auclair, Sanaz Dehghan, Jacqueline Megaw and Lori Fabrizio.

We got sooo many pics and even more candids that the book has over 200 pictures! I’m really happy with it as I opted to go with high quality paper to make the colours and textures really pop.

During the creation of the book I was torn between two very different covers. Both Elle and Claudie are soo smoking hot and both their covers appealed to me soo much that I opted to go with BOTH covers. (cha-ching at the bank again)

So now my book has two covers to choose from.

Let me know which you like more.

My Book

I’m scared and excited at the same time.

On the one side, I’m super proud of this as an accomplishment. On the other side, I’m stuck with a book I’m not sure anyone will want to buy.

I might have to get a job at McDonald’s to help pay for this book. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I love the Big Mac! In fact, I love it too much. If you buy the book you’ll get to see just how much I love it as I have never been fatter in my life – Fatter and photographed as much. I can’t believe I let Jacqueline include in the book the pics of me she did!

Please help keep Paul Buceta from having to work at McDonald’s – Buy the book.

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