I’ve always thought motorcycles were be cool but I never suspected I’d have one.

My good friend George owns KREATER Customs. It’s a really cool custom motorcycle shop where they build some crazy bikes! Check them out for yourself.

Their logo is pretty kick ass too, and I’ve been aggressively hinting I want one of their necklaces. The request was always turned down on account they weren’t for sale – They were only for family; Those that own a KREATER Custom or those that work there.

You can imagine my surprise when George shows up at the studio one day and hands me a necklace. I joke saying, “I feel bad, I don’t even have a motorcycle license”. To which he replies, ” Better get one soon, we’re building you a bike”.


I bought an old bike to chop up into a Buceta special. I got a great deal on an old bike from Bent Bikes across the street from the studio.

So today was the first day in the shop taking my bike apart and learning how to weld. I actually made my own handlebars today.

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