Vincent Van Gogh went through a blue period so I figured I could go through a red period.

I was backing up some past shoots when I decided to randomly edit an image on an artistic hunch. I love saturated colors, and I love black and whites, but until this point hadn’t really completely saturated an image with one solid color. I don’t recall seeing this being done in fitness before, as fitness is all about color and definition. This treatment takes away from both which is why I can imagine this particular style has not been popular. That being said, if this is successful, I suppose you can expect to see this done by others in the future.

I have a few of these edited of different models but, unfortunately need to obtain permission from the model to post due to it’s nature.

Here’s one for now, and I hope to get to more in the near future.

Model Larissa Reis. Shot in Las Vegas for American Curves Magazine.

Please feel free to comment. I would love to hear thoughts on the treatment.

You can see more of the ‘RED Series’ here.

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