I don’t check my Model Mayhem account very often as I can barely keep up with my hotmail emails as is. Luckily however, I logged in the other day to find one model in particular that caught my eye. I generally get about 25 requests for shoots per day and it can get remarkably overwhelming.

The sad thing about it is many of the models I would really enjoy shooting but just can’t find the time. I shoot almost every day for a magazine or commercial client and have very limited open time for fun shoots – If ever.

Anyhooo, back to Claudia. Her pics looked perfect for one of my clients. Unfortunately, she was leaving back to Florida this week as she was only in town for a one week visit.

I had to move fast.

I had yesterday, (Friday) open to shoot as I had a series of meetings with clients in the morning but my afternoon was looking pretty clear. I called one of the magazines I shoot for and asked them if they’d be interested in her for a spread or two. They agreed and within 24 hours had everything set up.

Claudia showed up looking every ounce as hot as her portfolio pics.

We shot a couple of looks for the magazine and since we had more time on our hands, and she looked soooo hot, we shot some more.

The coffee truck guy came by and she posed on that, which being in an industrial complex drew a lot of cat calls and people came running out of the warehouses to see her. The coffee truck driver didn’t seem to mind a bigger than ever line forming at the truck.

We even had two tactical police officers, or as referred to in the US ; S.W.A.T, come by the studio.

She posed with them as well.

Claudia was just super cool and I’m certain we’ll work together again soon enough.

A special thanks to KREATER.com for providing the motorcycle.

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