A few months back, I had written about a new approach to photography (Basically the square frame) with sample images.

Read it here.

I’ve been using my iPhone to take pics using this, (New for me) composition. Because of the limitations of the iPhone, I have opted to take pics with my regular camera, and then photograph the images from my monitor with my iPhone to give it a cool final finish.

Here’s a RAW set I had shot with Annette Milbers using this technique. I say RAW because no Photoshop was used to obtain the final image.

She’s one of my favorite models of all times. I’ve been shooting her for over 6 years and not only does every shoot get better, she does also! I’m always a little sentimental when I work with Annette because she’s largely the reason I entered into the fitness industry in the first place, and directly responsible for my success within it having introduced me to Robert Kennedy who would later become my mentor. I love her to death and hope the pics do her justice.

Here is a RED treatment from some of the same set.

Lori Fabrizio worked her magic once again with her make up and hair.

I had mentioned to a friend I was going to post how I did this and they warned against it, on the grounds many may copy me.

My response was simply, “Of course they will, but can they really?”   Yes, yes.. Like the saying goes, I find imitation a form of flattery but largely, I feel kind of sad for them. Those that spend their time copying others can only ever go where others lead them. I constantly get emails from models telling of other photographers imitating what I’m doing. The majority of the time, I feel badly for them as they fall so short. I avoid looking at other photographers work for fear of liking what they do and wanting to do the same. I don’t want to be influenced by what others are doing, but rather pave my own way.

What other photographers should be doing is differentiating themselves from the pack – That’s what I do, and largely the reason for my success. If I can make a suggestion, if anyone is going to imitate ANYTHING I do, let it be that. Believe me, it’s good advice.

Still, I guess you can expect to see this approach now that I’ve explained the process.

Here’s a really cool social project idea, lets comment here with a link to the pics every time you see it done elsewhere. It’ll be cool to see the progress of the trend.

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