I have more work than I can handle, I’m surrounded by the most amazing people, and things are only looking better. Ever since I made the big move from shooting in my living room to finally getting a studio everything has been well,… awesome.

For example, more women come by… need I say more?

Seriously, this place a babe magnet. Everyone I know always roll their eyes when I tell them what models are flying in from where.
In a way, I’m kinda like the DJ at a strip club. He announces the dancer, (asking the audience to put their hands together for her) and promptly goes back to reading the paper.
That’s pretty much my life.
Don’t feel sorry for me – I brought it on myself.

Moving along…

A couple of things I’m working on.

The Hammer - Pat Ness

I now have a Hammer. The Hammer is not so much a tool as he is a person… I guess.
He’s the new administrator for paulbuceta.com and will help me bring back some much needed loving to my site.

Believe me, I’ve been really sad at at how neglected it’s been.

One of the things I’m hoping to add are live view cameras to the studio. It’s a bit advanced for me the The Hammer can do anything.

Assuming it works, I’ll be adding to the site in the upcoming months. This way you can see how much “work” we all do on a daily basis.
I’m also helping out a couple of models and photographers with their websites.
http://www.jacquelinemegaw.com/ and http://www.wardlaformejr.com/
To name a few.

Jaqueline is a struggling photography student/model/actress I have chosen to help out. She’s funny as shit and takes a pretty good picture. I’m looking forward to watching her career unfold as I think the future has some pretty cool things in store for her – So check her out.

As for Ward, he’s always by the studio and we’ve become friends so that means he’s now fair game for me to pick on. So if you see me picking on him, it’s just because he uses up all the toilet paper at the studio – :-O

I'm ward and this is me choking the chicken

It begins…. hehe

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