Often when I post my images to Instagram, they shadow ban me because said images are deemed too risqué. While I can appreciate where they are coming from, it saddens me my images are not being seen – They are often some of my favorites. While not all of the images are restricted, I feel they are better seen as part of the whole gallery – You can probably guess which ones are the culprits.

Thanks for jumping over and checking them out. If you’re here randomly, you can see my instagram here.

Also, here is a current gallery of my covers.

Amanda Robinson from her ANDIVERO Cover shoot. Makeup and hair Monica Kalra

Judith Dicker Studio Shoot Makeup and hair Monica Kalra

Nichole Leanne Shoot in Las Vegas

Kasey Howerton shoot in Las Vegas. Makeup and hair Monica Kalra

Alexandra Hayes Shoot in Las Vegas

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