I have almost finished my studio (SESSIONSstudios.com) and was wondering what I can do in it rather than just photography. It just seemed like too much space was going to waste.

Sooo, after some discussions with Valeria, I’ve decided to throw an art/photography exhibit showcasing the talents of the Toronto glamour scene. To the best of my knowledge, something like this has never been done before. Art shows – Yes, Photography shows – Yes, but a glamour exhibit for both artists and photography… I don’t know of any.

I also met with Kyle of SD&R Clothing and Sarah Scotford about throwing a fashion show at the studio and they loved the idea. So now the art and photography show will culminate in a, kick ass, super sexy fashion show!

To make this all possible I am teaming up with Vasko to coordinate with photographers and Valeria as Curator, to collect the art we’ll need.

To make the event exiting, we won’t be having string quartets playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Rather dj’s pumping out combinations of rock, techno… and a bunch of other genres. You get the idea.

Now here’s the best part. The theme of the show is OverXXXposed. It’s basically anything to do with sexy, including nudity and more. This will be a place for artists and photographers to showcase the work that is by no means Facebook friendly.

I put the challenge out to photographers to shoot something for the show. Something sexy, something over the top, something magazines would reject as pushing the envelope beyond their comfort level. To shoot something to impress their peers and modes alike.

I personally, will be showing works the public has never seen.  Stuff that may surprise you.

I’m soooo exited!

The show will take place on October 16th.

If its something you’re interested in being a part of, let me know ASAP.

You can see more at SESSIONSstudios.com

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