I gave Lori Fabrizio a camera and asked her to take some behind the scenes pics of today’s shoot for Oxygen.

On set  was Rachel Crocker, Erin Smith, Valeria Nova, Lori Fabrizio, Michelle MacDonald and I.

Valeria Nova on the phone.

Rachel ‘I will NOT leave my pen behind again’ Crocker : Oxygen’s Fitness Editor

Paul ‘The Crotch’ Buceta prepping for Cirque De Soliel.

Paul Buceta and Rachel Crocker showing Michelle MacDonald all about yoga.

Paul Buceta attacks Rachel Crocker.

Taking a break from shooting for a little dancin’

Lori ‘The Spotted Italian’ Fabrizio

Erin ‘The Claw’ Smith – Art Director, Oxygen

 Erin pleasantly reviewing the shots.

So at the end of the day, I’m closing up the studio and stumble across Rachel’s pen.

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