There are a few great shots taken from my pool party in the Caribbean. Such a good bunch of people!!!

Here’s a list of everyone I had the pleasure of shooting for this issue; Maggie D, Brooke Stacey, Lauren Aiken, Rita Catolino, Nicole Chapman, Fatima Leite Kusch, Stacy Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Tosca Reno, Erin Stern, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Fransica Dennis, Rachel Davis, Trish Stratus, Alexandra Smith, Meaghan Terzis, Svetlana Romanova, Lori Harder, Patty Zariello, Kirsty Dunne, Lindsay Kaye, Melissa Pitman, Brooke Griffen, Kary Odiatu, Heather Greene, Claire Rae, Bree Lind, Monica Brant, Michelle Macdonald, Tanji Johnson, Francesca Hartman, Lindsay Messina, Leigh Brandt, Charles D’Angelo, Alicia Rewega, Mirya Scott, and Nicole Chapman

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