I watched a friend do a shoot with Paul during STRONG Fitness Magazine’s STRONGCAMP one year. Not only did her pictures look amazing, but her experience looked so fun! She kept encouraging me to book my own photoshoot with him. I really wanted to, but I had a thousand reasons to give why I couldn’t do it & I listened to all of them. The main reason was I just wasn’t feeling good about myself. After a couple years of giving excuses, another friend reached out about Paul. She had also had an awesome photoshoot experience with him. “We’re doing a girls trip to Vegas & shooting with Paul, you in?” This was the perfect opportunity to say yes to something I had been wanting to do.

I took the next few months to really focus on myself…my mental health, my nutrition, my fitness. My eye on the prize was my photoshoot with Paul. The saying is, “when you look good, you feel good.” It also goes the other way around…when you feel good, you look good. The night before the shoot, I washed my hair, shaved my legs, did a face mask, lotioned my body, I was so ready. I went to bed feeling all the emotions…Grateful for how far I had come in taking care of myself. Nervous to meet Paul & for the photoshoot itself, just hoping it was going to go well. Proud of myself for saying YES to something exciting.

The morning of the shoot, I met with Monica for hair & makeup. I told her I was nervous but really excited. She was so fun to talk to & really built up my confidence with some words of encouragement. My turn came to shoot with Paul & I was surprised at how comfortable I felt. Paul made it so easy, his energy was great, & we had the best time creating fun images together! He gave me some pointers on how to stand & what to do. At the end of shoot, I was given all of my images. I couldn’t believe what I saw! So many amazing photos that really captured this mile marker in a journey of really taking care of ME.

When Paul asked me to join a group of ladies for a Mad Max theme shoot a few months later, there was zero hesitation to jump on the opportunity! It was a week of a LIFETIME. Not only did I get multiple photoshoots with Paul in that week, I got to experience real adventures. We went skydiving, jumped off the Stratosphere, rode ATVs in the desert, & created memories with people I will cherish forever. It was a week of YES & the definition of living life to the fullest. Shooting with Paul is more than just getting pretty pictures of yourself. It’s an entire experience. It’s saying yes to things. It’s getting you out of your comfort zone & revealing a fire in you. Now I consider Paul a friend & I look forward to more photoshoots! I always say, when I’m 99, I want to look back on these photos & because proud of myself, knowing I put myself out there & captured it.

Pamalee – Feb 2024

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