This post is currently a first draft as there are SO many images to sort through but rest assured I will be adding them here as I find. Please be sure to check back.


For those of you who don’t know, I go every so often with a group of models with the goal of having a life-changing experience, and you’d be surprised by just how much.

The adventure begins on the Wednesday. We all aim to arrive for noon that day as we meet at the Hard Rock pool. By this point we are all on Whatsapp and have already been in constant communications about schedules, locations and namely our crazy excitement to meet everyone and have the time of our lives. I admittedly will have sent at least one stupid inappropriate image that raised the bar for everyone else.

You can imagine the meet and greet comes with a lot of pent up excitement so it has without surprise, been one of the most dangerous days for everyone as the moment has arrived. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been one of the first ones down for the count on one, or two, (or three) occasions. I guess I’m just the most excited. (LMAO) 

Most of the images below were courtesy Nichole LeAnne.

The video below is a story from a Vegas trip. It may of may not have been from this trip.

This happened in Vegas and didn't stay in Vegas…#findyourselfapaul

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The private shoots happened on the Thursday and they were simply magical. I shouldn’t be surprised though, many of my favorite images happen there. I’ll begin the gallery below with images of the models holding my sign. I’ve done this on past trips and will be continuing the practice as it’s become quite popular. The make up and hair for these was by Monica Kalra. (I will be adding over time as I can find them so please check back) You will be seeing images from these shoots on the models individual pages so I recommend following all of them to see more.

HELP! If we have shot in Vegas – Send me your favorite pic and I’ll add it here.


I do my best to make every adventure a little different, which becomes more difficult with each passing trip.  The group shoot is always a highlight of the trip as everyone wants to be part of them. We’ve done group shoots ranging from hotel suites to crashed planes in the desert. Below are a few samples of what we’ve been up to. 


Still on the Thursday, we aimed to mix things up by taking the group shoot to the strip. We grabbed a couple tall drinks and off we went… I should mention that none of these images are edited.


As you can see we ended up at Harra’s Carnaval Court where The Droids were playing live. I actually know one of the performers and we got right up front. The girls loved dancing and cheering them on and it was a real treat that they were invited to get on stage to dance and sing live with the band. I was grinning ear to ear the entire time – I was just SO happy and proud of all of them.

Talk about another experience of a lifetime in just two days!

I don’t just want to go and shoot in Las Vegas because it’s cool, I want to provide an experience for the models (my friends) unlike anything they have ever imagined.

To do this, I have two rules for the trip – 1. The model has to come alone. The purpose of this is to insure they stay with the group which adds to the comradery. 2. If it’s the model’s first trip with us, she HAS to skydive – No exceptions. Sharing what feels like a near-death experience at the time, helps with the bonding and offers an experience unlike anything imaginable. If you can jump out of a plane, you can do anything, and that’s right up this trip’s alley.

The exhilaration of conquering their fears.

Make no mistake, these trips create lifelong memories and friendships, simply ask anyone that has come to one and they will quickly and excitedly tell you about their experiences.

“Is this real life?!?! Because the past few days have felt like a dream. I feel so honored to have spent the past 5 days in Las Vegas shooting with the amazing Paul Buceta and a wonderful group of girls I now call my friends. Here’s to Cisco, being rockstars for a night, and jumping out of airplanes because you have to fly to be one of Paul’s Angels in Paradise.” Megan Amerson

This brings me to the Saturday which was spent at Wet Republic Pool. Admittedly, Vegas got the best of me as I had to leave with my tail between my legs a bit early. ALMOST never happens to me….

For now, here is a video from our last pool party. It’s pretty much the same thing every time.

I’ll be asking the girls to send me some of their pics from the pool party to share here. I’ll post what I can.
***hangs head in shame***

🙈🙈🙈sorry Paul Buceta I've got issue to pronounce your last name is really hard for me but I think this video well resume How I feel about this amazing trip ! not use to speak English 🤣 #yourethebest #paulbucetatrip #paulmademedoit

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That’s it for now. As I’ve mentioned a few times, please be sure to check back for updates. I’ll be sure add as time permits.

While my Vegas Parties are done for the season, I WILL be one of the photographers shooting in the Caribbean at this, check it out.

And to everyone that has EVER attended one of these I thank you, you have left a lasting impression – one I will never forget.
You have my eternal gratitude.




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