We it’s done. I’ve finally went full out and got myself a studio.
For the last couple of years I’ve been shooting out of my house which has afforded me a lot of small locations but at the same time has taken away any feeling of a ‘home’. That coupled with the fact I have more equipment than I can possibly store.

Talk about a scary undertaking. This place is huge compared to what I’ve been used to.
What’s more, I just walked in and said, “I’ll take it”.
I didn’t even look at the offices and bathrooms. I mean, all I need is room – the rest is just…. ‘extra’.
Or so I thought.
It wasn’t until after I got the keys I noticed both bathrooms are a disaster. So new toilets and vanities are in order.
I have to get all three offices re painted. The foyer and bathrooms need to be re-tiled.

I’m getting the ceiling painted white, the floors covered in a wood laminate, a full kitchen installed.
This place is hemorrhaging cash!

On the bright side, the models seem to dig it.

My first model shot in the new studio; Michelina Suppa

The team also digs it.

So, to help make rent I’m curious if anyone out there is looking to rent a studio from time to time? If so, drop me a line.

Trust me, the models dig the space

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