Ok, so I get requests to shoot models for tests for Playboy all the time.
They are always surprised to hear that I don’t charge for Playboy tests as apparently there are other photographers that do.

Any photographer that says they test for Playboy all the time might not be lying – They just might be misleading models. You see, ANYONE with a camera can test for Playboy.

That’s right, I’ll say it again, ANYONE with a camera can test for Playboy.

If a photographer tells you they get published in Playboy all the time – check their resume.

There are only a handful of photographers that shoot for Playboy on a regular basis.
Doc Glidwell (although he spelled my name with 2 t’s) covered the list (and more) well here:

Please keep this in mind if a photographer wants to charge you to shoot a test.

If you want to give away your money – Call me first!!! <GRIN>

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